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My Reads of 2016

Well, as the year comes to an end (and before I start to consider my New Years Resolutions) I thought I’d share with you the list of books I’ve read this year, all in the one place with their review where appropriate.

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Edinburgh Napier

Some of you may be thinking “Wait a minute, doesn’t Katie go to University of Glasgow?” and you would be correct! However, it’s Rachel’s last year in school and so she’s currently deciding which university she wants to go to. This, of course, meant a road trip for me as this past weekend we took Rachel to explore Edinburgh Napier!
Anyone who has me on Snapchat will have seen me starting out and coming home again, however I managed to forget to keep going the rest of the day… So I decided to write up a little about our day!
After an extremely disturbed night’s sleep, I left the flat and made my way to Buchanan bus station. It was so cold! My first thought was to buy a coffee and so I managed to burn my tongue off on the most unpleasant coffee I’ve had to date. On the bus, I listened to the bus driver make some semi homophobic comments and just generally be a bit rude to other passengers.

However I was on my way and that was all that mattered. It was so foggy! October really brought the autumnal weather in. On arriving at the airport, where I was meeting Mum and Rachel, I decided to treat myself to my second ever Pumpkin Spice Latte! Felt like a real blogger then… They took forever to get to me after the plane landed and so we practically sprinted to the taxis to get in on time for Rachel, who had her plan of the day all worked out but she hadn’t factored in that their flight could be delayed.
We got to the reception area of Sitehill Campus of Edinburgh Napier, and it’s a lovely new (or relatively new) building – anything’s new compared to Glasgow’s main building! We got her registered and went to a talk on applying to Edinburgh Napier. At this point, Rachel realised just how helpful school has been as so many of the other applicants had no idea about the application process! One interesting thing she learnt in that talk was that she won’t be allowed to apply for accommodation until she has an unconditional firm offer from the university – something she won’t have until a level results day, either the 10th or 17th of August. Not great but then again at least a lot of the applicants will be in the same position!
We then went to a talk on midwifery and what to expect from the course and I had to laugh out loud – her holidays would be 2 weeks at Christmas, 2 weeks at Easter, and 3 weeks in the Summer! Again, there was a lot of useful information for her but I won’t bore you all with it. The lecture theatre seemed nice though, and it was definitely big and warm enough!
We then had an hour to kill before getting the bus to the accommodation so had a quick lunch from the canteen in the main building. For a sandwich, drink and snack it was £3.35 – not too bad! However it wasn’t labelled very well and we ended up having to swap so many different things that in the end it was very stressful. We ate outside in the sun as it had warmed up a bit, and then jumped on the bus to what I’m assuming is the main accommodation block. We had a quick tour of it and it was actually quite nicely done up! I certainly wouldn’t have minded spending first year in one of those bedrooms! Although I’m not sure how I would’ve liked having so many people all in the one complex… 
We quickly got a taxi back to the airport and parted ways, and I jumped on a bus back to Glasgow. It really was just a flying visit and a brief day away for me but at least I got out and about for a day! 
Ktkinnes xx

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My Must Sees

Since it’s now officially my summer and I can stop revising for resits, I can lie in bed watching as many films as I want! Or at least as many as possible when I’m not doing family based things. So before I go any further, let’s take a second to appreciate that my summer has officially started! And I’ll be back in Glasgow in less than 4 weeks! Who knows what the plan is at this stage but I’m working on it.

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Which Main Characters Annoy You?

We all know them. They’re the whiny, moaning lead characters in a book, film or tv show. No matter how hard you try to avoid them, you’ll always manage to find one of those books and you’ll resent yourself for it. Here’s my list of books with annoying main characters!

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