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You know what? It’s time we had a proper catch up. Let’s sit and talk, and be real here for a second. So grab a glass of your favourite whatever, or top up that cereal bowl, whatever. But settle down and enjoy this little catch up.

So you may remember I came back at the start of June with a big bang. An explosion. A “look at me, I’m back and writing again”, and I started it with a giveaway. Only I was that fixated on getting the posts out there, boosting my own stats, that I only found out yesterday that the giveaway link never worked. Oh, and my excitement and enthusiasm lasted about a week before it crashed and burned. And yet, I still come back . I still try to have a proper catch up. Link back to why and when I started this blog in the first place.


When I started, it was to just voice the million and one things that I think about during the day. It was to try and wrap my head around issues I was having, and see if anyone else felt the same. I was looking forward to sharing the things I love with you all, and also the things I don’t love so much. But again, I like many before me got caught up in the statistics and figures that happen in blogging. Ah well, with this little catch up I’m hoping to restart again, and see where we end up.


You see, we are now nearly half way through 2018. I set myself a load of goals back in January. Some I have managed to work on, others I haven’t gone anywhere near touching. But one thing I honestly meant was that I want to bring my blog back to that almost verbal diarrhea stage of just sharing. Do you get what I mean?


Okay so it was kind of scary writing this post without looking at the Yoast SEO Score, and without thinking about adding links and everything else that goes alongside the pushing side of blogging. But at the same time I still was looking forward to scheduling tweets and the likes, so yeah don’t be surprised if you find them popping up.


After all that rambling, I realised I haven’t actually caught you up. So I want to start this little catch up by saying the one thing I genuinely mean – I actually haven’t been all that busy.


Yes, I have been working full time. Yes, I have been spending time with family. And yes, I have managed to binge watch both You Me Her and the first two seasons of Suits. I have no regrets. Could I have spent those hours writing blog posts? Definitely. Difference is, my heart just hasn’t been into it recently. I mean, how many times do you sit and search online for post ideas? And how many of you have then gone on to write a post on said post ideas partially because it was on the list and also because it’s bound to get at least some views? Yup, I strongly considered writing that post… but I decided not to because if I could think up that list of post ideas then I wouldn’t be lying in bed at midnight searching for those lists. I’ve gone off on a tangent again, haven’t I?


June got off to a great start. New posts, a trip to Glasgow and Edinburgh, the hangover of a lifetime – yes I will admit that it was hangover, shh. That makes it what, 4 so far? I feel like I’m missing out… But the next week we were at a charity barbecue, and instead of learning from the previous week’s lesson, I had a good few bottles of wine, got up to duet with another woman, and the night ended with me drunkenly agreeing to join a community choir. Wild life I’m living, right? Another weekend came about and this time it was time to get stuff done. Out for dinner on the Friday night, I got up on Saturday morning. Before 12pm, I had changed my phone contract over into my own name and got an upgrade while I was at it. My eye appointment was booked, a hair appointment book, Dad’s Father’s Day present from Rachel collected from the Post Office, and I made up that night’s dinner of homemade cannelloni. Oh, and I watched Ireland play rugby. Then I spent the afternoon with my family. Then Father’s Day was spent having a bit of a clear out from the attic then we went out for dinner. Another weekend came about and while Saturday was spent enjoying the sunshine and beautiful scenery of the Northern Irish North Coast, Sunday was the fun day. A morning at the NI Blogger Brunch at Eddie Rockets on the Lisburn Road, followed by an afternoon in the garden.


You may be aware that we just had a catch up that only covered the weekends. And that’s because work more or less takes up the week. After work, I get home, have dinner, and watch TV to unwind, all while going on and off the Bloggers Tribe twitter account and my own. As I mentioned, I joined a choir back at the beginning of the month. I’m actually going to it tonight. People may laugh at the idea of joining a choir, but it is fun. I haven’t made many friends there yet, but I’m chatting to people, I’m getting to sing and relax and do something just for the fun of it. Which really doesn’t seem to be happening a lot recently. And yes, I’m still going to Weight Watchers, but I know I won’t reach my goal any time soon. So I’m beginning to lose all motivation, but that’s a discussion for another time.


Apart from that, I think you’re up to date. The little catch up is coming to a close. I’m just going to finish off by thank you for reading all the rambles. And for sticking around through all the ups and downs.


For the next while, I’m going to try and post just once a week, maybe twice when I have something I really want to write about but the main thing is I just want to reconnect to blogging again. If I’m being honest, I have felt so disconnected from blogging on a whole different level and I still can’t quite put my finger on it. So yeah, thanks for sticking with me.


Until next time,


Katie xxx

4 thoughts on “Catch Up

  1. Alison

    Lovely post. Hope blogging again gives you the enjoyment to keep going again! X

  2. ktkinnes

    Thanks Alison! Just re-read it now actually so need to go back and fix a few typos, but it did feel good to know there was a new post live! Thanks for commenting xxx

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  4. sunshinesarahxo

    I totally agree with you on having no motivation to blog. It’s not an easy position to be in but also very important to take time away you come back stronger.
    Your weekends do sound fun though! I can’t sing so i admire you joining a choir! Sometimes i find it hard to blog because i just feel so tired after work! But i have to push through otherwise I would never get anything done!
    Fabulous post Katie – just remember to blog for you & no-one else 💕💕💕💕

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