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The Russian Lieutenant Book Cover
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I feel like I shouldn’t start today’s post with “Happy Wednesday!” – in fact, even sitting down to write this feels a little strange. It’s the middle of the morning. I should be answering work calls, fighting with pinking scissors on fluffy velvets, and invoicing out goods. But with work officially closed for at least the next 3 weeks, what better time to highlight a new book you could all be reading?

The Russian Lieutenant by Peter Marshall is out now, and below are the details on how you can get your hands on a copy, but before we get to that – let’s have a look at what it’s about!

When the opportunity to read and review The Russian Lieutenant came around, I had several reviews already scheduled and so didn’t really have the time to read it.  At that point, I offered to host a book spotlight instead – now I’m planning on getting my hands on a copy as soon as possible because it sounds right up my street!

The Russian Lieutenant – A Brief Summary

A British career woman of Russian descent turns to on-line dating and discovers an attractive Russian naval officer with many common interests. When they eventually meet, she becomes embroiled in a web of espionage with ruthless consequences.

Sound interesting? Let’s dive a little deeper into what The Russian Lieutenant is about!

Marina Peters, whose grandparents, Vlad and Marina Petrov, emigrated to England from Russia in the 1930s, is a likeable and quietly ambitious single young woman working in the Communications Department of the Royal Navy’s Portsmouth Base, a member of the Dockyard Commodore’s staff.

Nikolai Aldanov is a handsome 35-year old widower and a Lieutenant in the Russian Navy who has been corresponding with Marina through an online dating site for some time.  The pair have been sharing details of their lives, common interests and histories and have struck up quite a friendship.

When Marina arranges to meet her Russian Lieutenant in person, she has no inkling of the unexpected consequences of her date, as she is introduced into the ruthless world of international espionage.

The Russian Lieutenant Book Cover
The Russian Lieutenant by Peter Marshall Book Cover

About Peter Marshall – The Author

Peter Marshall was a journalist in his early career, working for local and national newspapers and then the BBC before moving to Visnews, the international TV news agency (now ReutersTV) where he became General Manager. This drew him into the satellite broadcasting business, first in the UK and then in the USA for 12 years. In the UK, he served as Chairman of the Royal Television Society; and in the USA he was elected to the Satellite Hall of Fame for his pioneering work in the satellite business.

On his retirement, back in his native West of England, he began writing again and has worked as author or editor on a dozen books – on space flight, on travel and then two biographies.  And now he has drawn on some of his past experiences to write a first novel – partly inspired, he says, by his promixity to the tragic Novichoc poisoning events in Salisbury. He has enjoyed writing “spy fiction” so much that he is already working on a sequel to this story about Marina and her “Russian Lieutenant.”

Get your hands on a copy!

If you, like me, would like to get your hands on a copy to read, you can purchase from Amazon in either paperback or e-book formats. While I love paperbacks, if you’re trying to keep yourself away from deliveries etc, you can download the Kindle app for either your laptop or tablet if you don’t own an ereader! The Russian Lieutenant will be released in ebook format tomorrow – the 26th March 2020 – so order today and wake up to it already lying waiting for you to read tomorrow!

Let me know if The Russian Lieutenant sounds like a book you would love to read!

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  1. Jantien

    Sounds like a book both my mother and I would enjoy, definitely! Still have some books on my tbr but might just add this one to it!

  2. Vox

    Though I have not been able to settle my mind long enough to read anything but poetry, your review of this book sounds tantalizing. Thanks for giving me just enough hook to make me want to read more!

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