Blogmas Day 11: Giving Back At Christmas

Blogmas Day 11: Giving Back At Christmas Life With Ktkinnes
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How many of us get that motivation at Christmas to give something back to the community, or to support the smaller businesses? Well today’s post is all about how you can do this!Hello again everyone! How’s December treating you? It’s yet another Monday morning and time is just flying by until the end of the year. I spent the weekend catching up on all your blogmas posts, doing some more present shopping, and trying not to panic as the numbers in my bank account got lower and lower. What did you get up to?

Tonight’s movie has been picked for us! Have you been watching along with me? Today we’re going to be watching the 1945 film Christmas in Connecticut! Again this is one I’ve never heard of, so I can’t wait to watch it. Shall we have a look at the trailer?

I love watching black and white films in the lead up to Christmas, especially if I can sit in front of a fire, curled up in a blanket, with a cup of tea between my hands!

So today’s post is all about giving back at Christmas. Can we just take a second to appreciate I’ve been working on this post since May? Because that’s how dedicated I have been to getting these blogmas posts up and out on time!

As we all know, Christmas is a time of love and giving and so this year I have come up with ways to give back, even just making someone’s day brighter.

  1. Provide the homeless with a warm meal – If you choose to do this, remember you don’t have to tell the whole world about it on your social media. Make a soup and buy some polystyrene cups. Take portions of a casserole in foil containers with plastic cutlery around your local city. Last year, Glasgow had an awful stage where the homeless were dying from the cold, and student halls lay empty with the heating on all winter. How is this acceptable?
  2. Donate unwanted clothes and blankets to the local charity shops – again, this helps more than once! People who are struggling to make ends meet can go to the charity shop and get warm clothes for a fraction of the original price, and it also means money goes to the charity.
  3. Buy from the small, local shops instead of the large chains – even just your food for that day – I’ve actually got a paragraph about this below. Be sure to check it out!
  4. Simply hold the door open for at least one person. – it may sound ridiculous but you see when someone makes that little extra effort to hold the door for you, even if it slows them down by 5 seconds, it just fills you with a little warmth.
  5. Give up a seat on public transport for someone who needs it more – just don’t make a point of telling someone it’s because they’re pregnant. They might not be! My way around this? “No no, I’m getting off soon and I’m sure you’ve been on your feet all day!”
  6. Buy the person behind you their coffee if the barista allows it – I love my coffee, and I would actually cry if someone did this for me. Those mornings when all you need is a caffeine boost and the queue seems to be taking forever, consider how the person behind you is feeling.
  7. Do the dishes or another chore for someone without being asked to. – a little help goes a long way, and sometimes that little thing can mean a lot.
  8. Spend time with your older relatives where possible – it’s at this time of year I really begin to feel guilty for not seeing my family more. Don’t get me wrong, they drive me up the wall, but some of our best Christmases were spent as a massive family unit, and then the next year some of the relatives weren’t there anymore. Make the most of the time you have with your relatives.
  9. Be kind to someone you dislike – They mightn’t even notice it, but by rising above whatever has gone on between you and being kind is another way of spreading Christmas Cheer.
  10. Offer to wrap presents for your friends/family – Anyone else awful at wrapping? It’s the thought that counts!

Of course, there are so many other ways to give back, there aren’t only 10. So what would you add to the list?

As you saw above, I made sure to mention supporting small businesses – whether local or online. This is so important, and it’s surprisingly easy to find these businesses and shops through Google or even Twitter! In fact, you may remember I tweeted out and asked for some of these independent businesses to get in touch on Twitter back in October and the response was phenomenal! I’ve put a link to them all below, so hopefully you can support at least one!

Sweet Allure  | Dorkface Shop | Doris and Co | Rubino Roo | Squiffy Print | Adventures of Hope | Pearl of Sphere |BlantPased | Silver Blossom Crafts| Out Of Tea Bags | Doodleheart | Good News Shared | Pastel Elixir | Shape on Shaper | Wilddunk Camping | Eleftheria Jewellery | Rachel-Emily’s Shop |

Have a great Monday everyone xxx

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4 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 11: Giving Back At Christmas

  1. Hello Bexa

    Such a lovely post Katie 💕. There are so many kind and thoughtful ideas here. Thank you for sharing and spreading the Christmas love! 💝🎄 xx

    Bexa |

  2. Charlene McElhinney

    This was a lovely post, chick! I’ve been trying to shop small loads this Xmas and it certainly makes a difference to small biz owners! I’m going to offer to help wrap Xmas pressies for family members – it’s little things like this you don’t really think about so thank you chick! You’re smashing this blogmas hunni! X x x x

  3. swishmyswag

    I love this, I’ve been sure to give back this year. So far I’ve made several donations to the food banks and I volunteered for a local animal charity 💖

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