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My Birthday Wish List for Turning 25

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Happy Wednesday everyone! How are we all today? To be honest, I’m in a little bit of a panic… 3 weeks today I’ll be turning 25 years old… Welcome to my birthday wish list! A quarter of a century! So while I’m somewhat stressing about this, and the fact that it’s getting closer and closer to my first full week back in the office since the middle of March, I decided to try something light hearted and fun for today’s post – a birthday wish list.

So when I got asked a few weeks ago if there was something I wanted for my birthday, I began to think. Do you remember the fun of flicking through the Argos catalogue as a child and circling all the items you wanted to put on your birthday wish list? Well, with Rachel and I having our birthdays so close together, we always had to share the catalogue. So she got one marker and I got the other, and you’d battle to see who circled which toy first! It was manic to be honest, so when the latter years of the Argos catalogue came about, I moved to circling the jewellery and other things for my room instead of just the toys. I miss those days!

Well, with 2020 having been a strange year, I decided I would do a Birthday Wish List post using Amazon and a few other sites! A sort of “if money were no object” birthday wish list thing if you like.  Shall we dive in?

My Birthday Wish List for 2020

Disney Christmas Jigsaw | Bullet Journal | Guitar Spoons | No Piercing Ear Cuff | Portable Turntable | Taylor Swift Beginners Guitar Anthology | Taylor Swift Guitar Book | Sea Green Acoustic Guitar | Guitar Picks | Exercise Bike | Fitbit Versa 2 | Jewellery Travel Case | Lannister Whisky | Colour Changing Gin Kit | Levi Jeans | Navy Tote Bag |

The above list is a mix of stuff already on my Amazon wish list, and other things I would add if I woke up tomorrow to a load of money randomly in my bank account! Alternatively, here’s a link to my Amazon Wish List to have a browse of all the things I would truly buy myself if I had the money to buy it all!

This year has been a strange and difficult year when it has come to making a birthday wish list. Normally, I would be browsing the websites of all the theatres in our areas, trying to see what shows and concerts are on. This year I was going to ask for tickets to the ballet that’s coming to the Belfast Grand Opera House in February next year, but right now I’m not even sure that will be going ahead. I would be asking for tickets to concerts. But they’ve all been cancelled or postponed. Heck, even a meal out at one of the local restaurants won’t be the same if we’ve to give up our table again after an hour and a half!

My Birthday Wish List Pin

Either way, no matter how scared I am about turning 25 and being nowhere near close to achieving what I used to think I would’ve by now, I am kind of excited. All the things I’ve achieved in the last 25 years. Just think of all the things I could do in the next 25! Y’know, it can be hard to remember the good parts of your school years at times. But I remind myself that I did well in school exams. I went to shows and concerts that a younger me would only have dreamed of going to. I learnt piano, and started to learn guitar. I published an ebook. I made money through affiliate links. I went to university and made some friends for life both through university and through the experiences I had while there. Turning 25 can seem scary. But I’ve still a lot of life left to live. So you know what? I’m looking forward to my birthday in three weeks!

Is there anything you think I could or should be asking for for my birthday? Or do you have fond memories of the Argos catalogue? Let me know in the comments below!


  • clairelomax2018

    What a lovely birthday wish list! There are a few of these that I would happily put on mine.

    25 is a great age, enjoy it! Happy birthday 💕🎈

  • jennavon

    I absolutely loved circling in the argos catalogue. There were 3 of us and two had same initials so in the end I think we ended up with a catalogue each 😂 x

  • Jaya Avendel

    Loving the tote bag and the guitar spoons are so creative! I love that you put together a birthday list with freedom in mind, and hope you have a special birthday. 🙂

  • Emma

    I used to LOVE flicking through the Argos catalogue when it was close to my birthday! I’d completely forgotten about it until you mentioned it! But it’s such a lovely memory! Loving the Disney puzzle on your wishlist. We have loads from that brand and they’re great! Also loving all the guitar themed items. Have you seen the pick hole punch? It let’s you create a guitar pick from pretty much anything. My partner makes them from old credit and debit cards!

  • Liz

    Love this post! It’s fun thinking of things yoi’ll buy if money was no object.🙂

  • Vox

    You’re right; this year has been extremely odd in that CANNOT do what’s “normal,” so we have to think about what is valuable to us along with what is doable during this time period (that we don’t even know how long will last). Your list seems to have taken that all into consideration. Happy birthday.🎈

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