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August 2021: Catch Up, Advertisers, and More!

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AD | Ah ha, you don’t think I’d forgotten about you already, did you? No, worry not, for I am back on 1st August 2021 and slowly getting content lined up for you. We last had a monthly catch up back in May… which is a little crazy. But as August begins, we’ve a lot to talk about! So grab a cuppa, settle down, and let’s get chatting.

Remember back in May when I was super excited to be getting my hair cut for the first time in 2021? Well, needless to say we’re still open, and I’ve finally made an appointment to get my colour done again. But what have I been up to since our last monthly catch up? And what was I saying about advertisers? Well, let’s talk advertisers first for August 2021.

My Awesome August 2021 Advertiser!

An exciting feature of Life With Ktkinnes is back – the opportunity to discover some new bloggers! These fabulous people have all asked to advertise with me for the month of August 2021. While they have paid for this opportunity, all views shared here are my own. So grab a cup of tea or coffee, and come meet my August 2021 Advertisers!

Kayleigh Zara

Kayleigh Zara blog header for March 2021 advertisers post

Straight up, Kayleigh is one of my best friends – and we’ve never even met! Having started her blog around the same time as me, Kayleigh has developed her lifestyle blog into a more-than-full time job for herself, while also working part time in a bar. Kayleigh combined her passion for writing and oversharing into her creative space as an outlet which has evolved over time as she herself has grown. If you’re looking for Pinterest help (Kayleigh is a Pinterest guru), regular blogging tips, lifestyle posts, fashion, and university posts, then make sure you check out her blog! You can also find Kayleigh on TwitterPinterest, and Gumroad, or you can sign up to her mailing list here for regular updates! Kayleigh is an inspiration to me in my blogging journey, and some of my favourite posts of hers include 10 Simple Ways To Beat Procrastination Today (one very much needed by me), Benefits of Hiring an Academic Coach and 3 Amazing Referral Deals To Boost Your Income As A Blogger.

Monthly Recap

Since it’s been so long since our last recap, I might struggle to remember everything. So stick with me as we look back at the last few months!

May 2021

Wow, that really was a long time ago! Well, we know I got my hair cut. Which was definitely one of the biggest highlights of the month. Pubs and restaurants reopened their doors in Northern Ireland, and we were part of the last virtual audience for Have I Got News For You (the last virtual audience ever we hope!). Rachel was home for a long weekend, and really I can’t remember much else about May. Sorry!

August 2021: Catch Up, Advertisers, and More! Life With Ktkinnes

May 2021 Goals

It’s been that long, but let’s see if I achieved my goals for May!

  1. Read 2 books.
    Well, I didn’t read the first book in the Bridgerton series. Nor did I read the Gyles Brandreth biography of Prince Phillip. On the other hand, I did read Conspiracy to Riot: The Life and Times of One of the Chicago 7 by Lee Weiner! So I got one book read.
  2. Post weekly again.
    I’m flicking between my posts to see if I achieved this goal, and I think I did? Well, I didn’t post every week, but I posted twice a week for the first 2 weeks, so I’m going to count that as a win.
  3. Reduce my phone screen time.
    Oh who knows at this stage haha!

June 2021

Okay so June started off with me spending nearly a full week in Edinburgh, visiting Rachel. We spent so much time on the beach in the sun that I genuinely felt I was on a foreign holiday! We had meals and drinks out, went on a shopping trip, and practically lived on the beach. Plus, I got to see one of my cousins for the first time since Christmas 2018! Oh and 2 of my friends got engaged, so I was sitting smiling for the two of them for about 3 weeks. The following week, back home, I went to Rowallane Gardens with Mum and Dad for a walk. Oh, and we finished the month by watching the remake of Lady and the Tramp. A good film, but I still prefer the original! Actually I was writing the next paragraph when I suddenly remembered, I also got a new car this month! Well, new to me. I traded in my red Seat Ibiza and a younger, Blue, Seat Ibiza. It was a financially smart move – it dropped my monthly payments by £50 a month, and my insurance dropped by about £200 for the year!

July 2021

July started off with Granny’s 90th birthday. Restrictions had relaxed enough to allow a gathering of 20 of us in a public space, and so Granny had an absolute ball. Rachel was home for the few days either side of it, and we spent the time shopping, preparing, and eating and drinking. I finally got sorting my jewellery box out and finding pieces I forgot I owned. In the middle of it all, I somehow managed to break a very fine gold chain that had held a diamond I had been given as an 18th birthday present. And so the end of the month saw me head out to buy a new chain. Mum and I spent the last day of the month in Belfast going shopping and out for dinner, and I was honoured to be given a random act of kindness by the lovely cashier in Lush! I just wish I could remember their name, because they came chasing after me down the street when I left an item behind.

Coming Up: August 2021

Woah, that was a lot to go back through. And now that we’re into August 2021, there’s a lot coming up. I think. Actually, let’s think this through. I know I’m working the next 2 full weeks. So no furlough days. And Mum and Dad are heading over to visit Rachel for a couple of days. While they’re over, I’m going to be seeing my cousin, working, and hopefully getting a proper start on my Blogmas content for this year. When they come back, we then have a christening to go to. Then I’ve another week of working full time before the bank holiday weekend, and then we’re into September. It’s crazy how quickly time flies between work and guitar and reading!

wood holiday summer sign showing 1st August 2021

But during this month, I will set some goals for myself.

August 2021 Goals

  1. Read 3 books
    I’ve been addicted to the Bridgerton book series the last few weeks. So I’ve got books 4 -6 waiting to be read this month!
  2. Schedule 4 Blogmas Posts
    Yup, we’re setting a figure target!
  3. Get back into blogging.
    It’s a slow and steady task, but returning to blogging is a must!

What have you got planned for the month of August 2021?

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