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And as the new month begins, I have new advertisers to introduce to you all! My first April Advertiser is a blogger I’ve followed for a long time, and she was one of the first people I spoke to on Twitter. Any guesses who? While the second is a blogger I recently discovered, and can’t wait to share her with you all.The first of my April Advertisers this month is Charlene from Charlene McElhinney! Shall we get to know Charlene a little better?

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Here’s what Charlene has to say about herself and her blog from her “About Me” page:

So, I’m Charlene McElhinney. A 21- year- old girl living in Glasgow, Scotland. I began blogging as I had been suffering from Depression and Anxiety for almost a year and I needed somewhere where I could express my thoughts and feelings. I have always kept a journal – throughout my whole life – and so I decided to take that journal online and share my experiences with other people. Apart from talking about Mental Health; I also cover a variety of other lifestyle posts such as where I’ve been, how I’ve been feeling that day, what I’ve been up to. Now – my blog is so much more – I still do lifestyle related posts but I also share my poetry, YouTube singing videos and vlogs, I do shopping haul posts, book reviews, product reviews, product posts etc. I genuinely cover a bit of everything on my blog and I have many exciting things coming up!

Starting my blog was the best thing I ever did. I take so much comfort from it. I have met so many wonderful people through it and I am part of the loveliest community ever. I have created my own #beechat community in which I have 5000+ people involved – and my own ‘snail mail’ project – where people write to one another from all over the world (90+ of us so far). People admire me, encourage me and endlessly support me and I just feel like the luckiest girl in the whole wide world.

My blog is continuously growing and fabulous opportunities keep arising for me and I just feel so blessed.

A bit more about me: I have 2 cats – Gizmo and Milo (which I love so dearly). I have a wonderful family, friends and boyfriend who always have my back and support everything I do. I enjoy singing, writing, shopping, playing board games, working out and dancing. I also love acting but I am working (slowly but surely) on getting my confidence back so I can get back in to it.

I do not want to ramble on too much – I just want you all to know why I started blogging, how much I love it and a few facts about me.

If you want to know more then browse through my blog posts or drop me an email at charlenemcelhinney@icloud.com (alternatively leave me a comment & say hello)!

I hope that you will enjoy reading my content and browsing through my photographs and posts. I pour my heart and soul in to everything I do.

So if you’re looking to follow a new blogger, or even just chat to someone, Charlene should definitely be your first stop!


Secondly, we have Sarah-Louise from Sarah-Louise Writes!

April's Advertisers! Life With Ktkinnes

“Hi, I’m Sarah-Louise. I’m 26, makeup obsessed, a fiction fiend and I’ve got a mild addiction to Disney and travelling.

I’ve always been a writer. I’ve been scribbling out stories since I learned how to write. The earliest story I can remember writing is a story about a young maid who was sent to work in a scary house and then fell in love with the grumpy man who owned it. I think I was about seven when I wrote that and to my best memory, I’d never heard of or read Jane Eyre so it’s mildly disturbing that I managed to rip off a very well known classic at such a young age!
I’ve had many a blog over the years. When I was at university I created a television and film review blog, with a couple of friends, called CandidChaos (sadly defunct now) and I bloody loved it. I loved reviewing, I loved doing interviews and I loved going to events like premieres and film festivals. After I left university and moved home the time to write got scarce and eventually I closed the site down. Which is sad because I really loved doing it but I didn’t have enough time to devote to it anymore!
I missed writing though! And I’d started following a few bloggers on Twitter so I started this wee blog. Originally it was just going to be a space for me to write out my feelings and vent. I never expected anyone to actually read it! Now I post about beauty, lifestyle, mental health and I do the odd book review here and there. I’m by no means as slick and professional as some of the bloggers out there but I love what I write and I hope you will too!”

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