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April 2021

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As yet another month begins, I can’t help but think back to April 2020 and how unsure life was. If only things were more certain waking up today! Well, that’s maybe a little unfair. I mean, things are beginning to look up if you’re living in England, Scotland, or Wales! Tell me, Wales, what does it feel like having had your hair cut? But rather than being down about it all, let’s look back at March before looking ahead to April 2021.

Would you believe me if I said I’m tired out again today? Two weeks of working 4 days, preceded by a week of working 3 days, when you’ve spent about 6 weeks working just 2? Needless to say, I should’ve listened to my own advice on preparing to return to work! But either way, it was a great way to finish off March. Especially when this week I’ve only worked 2 days! Thank goodness for Easter, am I right?

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March 2020

Looking back at March 2020, it was a busy month with not much happening if that makes sense? The month started with me bringing back my Blogger Advertising packages, not seen since January 2017, and I had some fabulous bloggers joining me. If you didn’t get a chance to check them out, you can do so here. April 2021 advertisers will be announced tomorrow, but they’re hanging out in the sidebar right now for you to go say hello! I found out, thanks to Kayleigh, that my site speed was atrocious. SO the first few days in March saw me working on improving that. The first weekend in March didn’t have any rugby on. Instead, we visited Castle Ward for a long walk, ordered an Indian takeaway, watched Saturday Night Takeaway, and had a cheeseboard served on the cheeseboard I got Mum and Dad for their anniversary.

A week later, and the Six Nations were back! I baked some scrumptious cranberry muffins, we had a cocktail afternoon, and watched Ulster playing rugby in the Pro14. On Mother’s Day, we watched Ireland play their Six Nations match, and got some fish and chips from a local takeaway! Then we watched the final episode of Bloodlands. Never been so disappointed in a series. Honestly, if you’ve not seen it yet then I wouldn’t bother. The next week was busy enough in work, I got some gardening done on my day off, and the weekend came again with Super Saturday! Except the actual last match of the Six Nations came on 26th March. French Rugby decided the French rugby team did not break covid rules by going out for waffles before their match and catching covid. Major eyeroll happening on this end of the laptop folks! So after a busy day in work, I helped Dad and the upholsterer load Granny’s furniture onto a van in the snow, and settled down to watch the end of the Six Nations 2021. Finally, the weekend was spent just playing guitar, watching films, and eating and drinking. A great way to welcome in April 2021!

March Goals

  1. Finish 2 books.
    I actually did this! At long last! To be exact, I finished 5 Agatha Christie Poirots, and the Phillip Schofield autobiography. The reading challenge is back on track my friends!
  2. Exercise 2 times a week. Well I managed at least 1 walk a week… even if I failed at exercising the rest of the week….
  3. Work on the behind-the-scenes bits of blogging. I got half of2016’s posts updated for SEO and added images and removed the ones I had used that weren’t quite right. It’s a slow process, but slow and steady wins the race! But I did manage to get my site speed right up, so that’s a bonus.
  4. Learn a new song on guitar. While I didn’t really learn any new songs, I did teach myself to sing along to a Taylor Swift song while playing it! So can that be a win?
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April 2021

Now that we’re into April 2021, I keep looking back at my posts from the start of lockdown 2020. Tonight, we’re going to be part of the virtual audience watching The Blame Game – a topical satirical news show talking about who’s to blame for different things going on in the country. We actually did this last week too and it was great fun! So I’m looking forward to that tonight. Good Friday sees us doing very little, if anything, because we’re finally allowed to meet in gardens!! Then Saturday we’re going adventuring down to Crom since the stay home rule is lifting. Sunday will be the usual Easter roast, and then settling down to watch Line of Duty. I’m off work on the Monday, with no plans, and then back into work on the Tuesday. We’ve no real plans for April 2021 to be honest. I’m going to visit my cousin and her baby, and might get into my guitar teacher’s garden to show him the new guitar I got at Christmas! Seems crazy, doesn’t it? In the middle of April 2021, we’ll be told if we can have a haircut in May. Or a trip to the shops. Or the pub. To be honest, all I want is a meal out that I’ve picked on the night, set in front of me, cleared away, and no dishes!

April Goals

Setting goals for April 2021 seems a little silly, but here we go.

  1. Read 1 book. Kayleigh kindly gifted me a copy of book 1 of Bridgerton, and I just want to sink my teeth into it!
  2. Post weekly. Blogging on two blogs is a lot more stressful than I anticipated. So my goal is to make sure there’s a new post each week on at least 1 of my two sites. Remember, if you haven’t already done so, to go follow me on Christmas With Katie for festive cheer all through the year!
  3. Save £400. I managed to save a lot more money in January than I had expected to. Saving slowed down a bit the last few months. So my goal is to save £400 this month!

Have you anything exciting happening in April this year? Or are you setting goals? Go ahead, make me jealous of your plans in the comments below!


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