April 2020

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Oh dear goodness… do you remember a month ago when I actually thought March would be a good month? As we start April 2020, a lot of us are unsure of what the next week, month, or even the next few months will bring. But as ever, it’s the first day of April 2020, and it’s no April Fool’s that we’re still inside. So grab a cuppa, or an alcoholic beverage because who am I to tell you when you can or can’t drink, and let’s have a little catch up shall we?

So as I was saying, we don’t really know what April 2020 is going to bring us. If I could go back to 32 days ago, back when I had all these amazing plans for March 2020, I think I would have written a completely different post.

You know, the way March worked out, I didn’t actually get sharing any more chatty or personal posts with you all. Not sure how that happened, but if you missed my rambling then you’re in for a treat today! I’m now on my 6th day of not getting up to go to work, and the lack of diverse conversation is beginning to show.

March 2020

At the start of March 2020, we took a walk to get the cobwebs blown away, even with the constant storms. It was freezing, and we ended up getting caught in a hail storm, but it was good to get out even just for a while. We went to Granny’s for dinner, and I started my books for the month and practised guitar.  The following week was straightforward enough for during the week – the usual work, guitar, uni work, that kinda thing. Then on Friday, okay there was the dentist in the morning, but that was the weekend Mum and Dad were in Edinburgh for the rugby and to welcome Rachel back from the Philippeans. On that note though, a little side thought, would anyone like to read a second guest post from her on what she got up to while away? Let me know below!

That weekend I went to a Whiskey Tasting event in the rugby club, had a hair appointment very early the next morning (not advisable when you’ve had an evening on wine, gin, and whiskey), a day out with Granny, and then a Sunday of blasting through all the housework that needed done, some reading, a lot of guitar, and a return to knitting, all before back to work for another week. That was the week that things started to move here in the UK, and the weekend before St Patrick’s Day was when things began to feel real. Granny’s holiday got cancelled, so we didn’t have to do an early Mother’s Day thing like we had expected to, but she came up for a while on Saturday and then we went for a walk in the forest park on Sunday. The following week in work, things got busy. Ireland had enforced the closure of pubs, clubs and restaurants, and we were expecting a call for a full lockdown, so the week in work was spent trying to sort out making sure customers got what they needed, and then Italy and Spain closed down, and the UK was getting more and more serious. At that point, we put a stop to my guitar lessons, and it was assumed that choir wasn’t going to go ahead. By the end of the week, my half day on Friday saw us go down to Granny’s to work in her garden a bit for her, and then Mother’s Day was a quiet one in the house. When Boris’ statement was shown on Monday? Well, we went into work on Tuesday to tidy up loose ends, and that’s then us at home for the foreseeable. So since being home, I’ve been working back through the old posts on here to tidy them up and fix broken links and the likes, guitar, joining in with the exercise classes going on YouTube, and just generally reading and playing games. Rachel came home because she now needs her car for working in Edinburgh, but we’re currently not sure when she’ll be going back. But with Mum currently (at time of writing) still working in her office (part of the NHS before anyone jumps at us) the three of us in the house have this #StayHome thing figured out.

April 2020
April 2020

April 2020

I wish I could tell you what we’re doing in April 2020, but at this time it looks like very little! As I just said, Rachel could be leaving again in a few days to return to working on the front line for the NHS, and yes there’s the Easter Weekend, but until this is clear, we don’t have any plans.  Mum is struggling with the fact that her mum will be home alone over Easter, but understands that that’s just the way it has to be for April 2020. You never know, we might be allowed out again at the end of the 3 weeks (that would take us to the 13th April 2020 for anyone who isn’t keeping track of the days and dates) but at this stage I very much doubt it. Especially considering the comment from the government over the weekend that this could be the “normal situation” until the end of June. As we learnt from China, Italy and Spain, this could go on a lot longer. So with that in mind, shall we set some goals for the month and take a look back at goals set for March?

March 2020 Goals

  1. No Chocolate
    I failed this. I mean quite literally, it reached Monday 2nd March and I had a chocolate biscuit after dinner without even thinking about it. I did manage to cut down a bit though so that’s something, right?
  2. Read 2 Books
    Haha well, staying home with no working from Home meant I got the original 2 books read, and 1 more! If you fancy reading my reviews, you can find them here – Hypnos and Tusker.
  3. Post weekly
    Yay another yes! I know this month had more reviews than I would’ve liked, but at least we can say I did this one. Stay tuned, because if this situation goes on much longer we could see me return to my university days posting schedule of 4 times a week! Not sure what I’d have to talk about other than TV and film reviews, but what do we reckon?
  4. Practise Guitar more.
    Haha well when I planned this, I didn’t know it would be forced… but yes I can honestly say I’ve been practising more.

April 2020 Goals

  1. Teach myself a new song on guitar.
  2. Continue to post weekly here.
  3. Train my hair to go a third day without being washed.
  4. Read 2 books.
  5. Drink 2 litres of water a day.

So there we have it! Do you think I can achieve my April 2020 goals? To sum up the questions from the post (which I’d love to read your answers to so drop them in the comment box below!):

  • Would you like a guest post from Rachel about her midwifery elective in the Philippeans?
  • Would you like more posts a week if this lockdown continues?
  • When do you think we’ll be allowed to return to our pre-COVID19 lives?
  • What goals have you set, or are you not setting goals this month?

As always, speak soon and stay safe everyone.

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4 thoughts on “April 2020

  1. Britt | Shed Happens (@ShedHappenscmty)

    I really hope that this whole situation in the world doesn’t last too long – I mean, I fully understand that we’re doing our best to protect those who are vulnerable, and I support that 110%, but I can’t wait for life to return to normal again… We usually camp at least one trip per month from April to October. Our April trip has been officially cancelled and I’m waiting on May right now. I’d be okay to lose the May and June trips as long as I can keep our beautiful week on a waterfront site in July.. that’s what I’m still holding out hope for!

  2. Anuinternational

    First time reader and yeah I loved the post, will love to read more of your post.

    I hope this is not the new normal for the world…..


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