Another Sunday

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Woo we made it to the end of the week and hopefully you’ve all had a relaxing weekend. We still have today, at least, if you haven’t yet! We’re back to yet another summary of the week. Actually, to try and remember everything that’s been happening, I write this a little each day.

It’s weird thinking that I write these in advance so you can read them at 9 am while, most of the time, I’m still asleep. But the point in telling you all this is because I can now tell you I’m sitting in a lecture theatre and someone near me smells incredible! Still can’t figure out what they smell of though… And now I sound a bit like a creep so sorry. But you aren’t here for my ramblings, are you? Well maybe you are, I don’t actually know… but yes, Sunday summary.


Sunday was a bit of a mixed day. I slept until about 11-ish when I was woken by the living room door closing. There are times closing the door helps with noise control, but when you’re woken by the noise of the door closing, and then someone starts making a smoothie or banging plates around, it does become quite difficult to sleep – especially if, like me, you’re an incredibly light sleeper and have a weird sleep pattern anyway. So yes, I got up and had breakfast before cleaning the kitchen. Not quite sure how it happened but this took me up to 1:30 pm! I’d offered to cook a roast for a flat dinner and so we were going to eat at about 4 pm. So I did a bit of maths until it was time to stick the oven on. As it heated, I showered and did some more maths and physics and then just fitted in work around finishing off the rest of the preparation. It was an alright dinner, I hadn’t cooked the vegetables enough unfortunately but the rest of it was reasonable enough (haha, Katie, sell your cooking skills why don’t you?) and the others did the dishes afterwards. I had a chat with Mum, who has suddenly somehow reverted back to phoning every other day? May need to cut that… But after I got rid of her, I started back into the maths. At one stage, I looked at my phone to see a message from the old friend I mentioned in last week’s Sunday Summary. He was asking to come round again, but I didn’t want to reply straight away and say no. Felt that would be rather rude. However, I should’ve. He appeared at the door 5 minutes later and I just wasn’t up for playing host or pretending to be interested. He tried to tell me he misses his ex girlfriend and just wants back with her, but had arranged a date within 24 hours of them breaking up and has since been on 2 or 3 dates? I wasn’t in the mood. I wasn’t rude, but I did give him 2o minutes and then heavily hint that he needed to go so I could finish my homeworks. The GRLPOWR chat was earlier on Sunday so I took part in it (by the way, Ciara did a fantastic job and you should definitely check out her blog here) before making hot chocolate and crawling into bed.


Monday got off to a bad start. I struggle to get out of bed at the best of times, but give me a headache first thing in the morning and it really is a battle! However, I managed to jump up and get through the shower, have breakfast, make my lunch, and get to class. Mondays are now my 11-1 and 2-5 days so in an attempt to save some money I made sure to have something in that I could bring for lunch. Let’s disregard the fact I went and had a large pumpkin spice latte, that didn’t count as saving money… but it did make the day slightly easier to handle. One of my friends actually suggested that my headaches are because I got so used to drinking coffee daily that now that I’m trying to cut down on my coffee intake I’m getting withdrawal headaches. Whoops! Maths was dull as ever. Mondays are tutorials which aren’t compulsory but they’re definitely helpful! We get set questions every Monday afternoon and have a week to do them. Then we go in the following Monday, get the answers to the problems, and have a chance to talk to lecturers and fellow students about how to approach the questions we had trouble with – don’t know why I didn’t use them last year! Then Physics was Mathematical Techniques – a component of the course we aren’t examined on but it can be useful for lab work. I had Matlab in the afternoon and it went surprisingly well! I finished up to exercise 11 of 18 within the 3 hours and was quite pleased with that. In the evening, I just watched some TV and relaxed until Mary came home from football, when I made some really good hot chocolate, if I do say so myself!

Another Sunday Life With Ktkinnes

Tuesday was another good day. I went to class, and came home to two deliveries – one being my clothes horse so I could finally put a wash on, and the other was a delivery from Teagime. I’m going to talk more about Teagime this week but just wanted to do a quick mention of them here. Becca was the one who pointed me in their direction. You fill in a questionnaire and they then tailor your tea to this questionnaire, and in your first box you also get 2 reusable tea diffusers! But yes, I’ll talk about that another time. A friend called in over lunch too, which was nice to have a catch up. I spent the rest of the day studying, and forgot about dinner until 7pm when I found out what I wanted was going to take an hour to cook – no thank you! So instead Mary let me have some of her spicy tomato and chorizo pasta – it was so good!
Wednesday, now the best day of my weeks, was spent in class in the morning, followed by a trip into town to buy a couple of 21st birthday presents. Now, if you’ve been following my twitter, you’ll be aware that my birthday present shopping was a bit of a fail, however I did manage to get some more Christmas stuff! This included Tanya Burr’s beauty calendar, and the Yankee Candle advent calendar – I can’t wait to open them both! In fact I’m already having to hide them from myself… I came home, then got ready to go to LGBTQ+’s Scene Tour – basically a pub crawl around the gay bars in Glasgow. It was so much fun! My poor liver hates me again this week, as does my bank account. And the hangover was worse than last week…
Thursday, I managed to miss maths again… but I did make it to physics. It was a struggle to not be sick over everyone but I survived! After getting home and attempting to work, I crawled into bed to be hungover in style. I get so incredibly moody when hungover. My mood significantly improved after 6pm though as I started to get ready to host my first ever chat! Now in my opinion, the GRLPOWR chat all about disney went really well, but I’ll wait to hear your opinions. We then watched the apprentice on the projector and went to bed quite annoyed that there wasn’t a 6 person firing. What a disappointment!
On Friday I finally got to meet Becca after uni! We went for coffee on Byres Road and it was amazing! We chatted for ages before going out separate ways and I came home to do some work and some knitting. I’m in the middle of 2 different scarves so I’ll let you know how they go! To be honest, I then spent the rest of the evening knitting until about 2am when I tried to sleep and found that sleep was once again avoiding me.

Saturday, after only 3 and a half hours sleep, I got up and was semi productive with my day. I got a decent amount of my housework done – just the floors and food shop to do tomorrow – before getting some work done in the afternoon. I then showered and got ready for a friend’s 21st birthday party which was really quite fun! Although, not going to lie, being home before midnight and in bed just after felt incredible.
So how was your week? Anyone do anything fun?
Ktkinnes xx

3 thoughts on “Another Sunday

  1. XandraRose Blog

    mm the hot chocolate looks amazeballs! i have had so many over this weekend, I’m surprised I’m not looking like one right now haha xx

  2. ktkinnes

    Haha thank you! I know, it’s like a switch was flipped and now all I can think about is hot chocolate, pumpkin spice lattes, and Christmas! What’s your favourite way to make your hot chocolates? xx

  3. XandraRose Blog

    Mmm they are all so amazing! I love mine with milk, has to be milk every time! With lots of whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles and mini marshmallows yum yum yummmm xx

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