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Well, I promised I would be back and here I am.  You may remember in last week’s post, I asked if you would be more interested in a Q&A or a Get To Know Me Tag.  The overwhelming majority of you voted for a tag, and so here we are!

So if you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll probably have seen me do quite a few of these tags.  Is it just me or are they starting to become less popular to do? Either that or I’m just not being tagged in them anymore! But today’s tag post is actually from a quick search on Google during a slightly quieter Friday afternoon in work… The one I found was Glen’s from Well Eye Never – so thanks Glen for sharing.

For anyone not aware of tag posts, they are basically like a questions and answers post, normally asking you to thank whoever tagged you (linking back to them is always a good way to say thanks!). You then answer a series of questions, before tagging other bloggers to take part in the tag. So even though Glen hasn’t actually asked me to take part, I would like to say a big thank you for sharing the tag, and I hope you all enjoy learning a little about me!

All About Me – Questions

1. What is your name?
Hi everyone, my name’s Katie!

2. What is your height?
I think the last time I was measured was barefoot in work, and we figured I’m 5ft 7 and 3/4 inches… I think? I’ll check that when I’m next in the office and come back to you on that!

3. What is your zodiac sign?
Right so before they changed the days a bit, I was Virgo.  I don’t know if I still am or not, but I will always be a Virgo.

4. Cats or dogs?
We currently have a cat that I love to bits (she adopted Rachel, Mum and Dad when I was at uni), but I always have been and always will be more of a dog person. I guess I just need that constant show of love and attention from them that a cat doesn’t give!

5. Favourite school subject?
It was always a toss up between Maths and History.  History because it was fascinating, Maths because it was right or wrong and I was pretty good at it.

6. Favourite food?
Chicken. Like fried or battered chicken. Chicken dippers, casserole, stew, whatever. I love chicken!

7. Favourite TV show?
I think I would have to go for an unknown show from around 2007/2008 called The Palace.  Basically 4 young royals, the eldest son becomes King in the first episode, and it’s all about how the family deal with different difficulties thrown up by this young inexperienced monarch. Oh, and the staff are brilliant characters too, with even better storylines. Still annoyed it only lasted one series!

8. Favourite actor & actress?
Currently? Emilia Fox and David Caves. Both from Silent Witness.

9. What is your biggest fear?
Being forever alone.

10. Tea or coffee?
Coffee, although I have seriously reduced the amount I drink. I’ve even changed to decaf!

11. Your bad habit?
Staying up late watching Netflix and scrolling through Twitter and Facebook constantly.

12. What is your favourite holiday?
Christmas! Always Christmas.

13. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
Right this is a tough one. Glasgow because that’s where the majority of my friends are, and I just love the city. Or Ibiza. Because I love the island and I have never been on a holiday where I have felt more relaxed.

14. What is your lucky number?
I have two – 5 and 9. So really anything involving 5s or 9s or 3s (by extension of the 9) is classed as a lucky number.

15. Are you allergic to anything?
Wet latex… rubber gloves for doing dishes, or during science classes in school, were always great fun.

16. Last person to call you & last person you texted?
The last person to call me was my mum to check that Dad had left his mobile in the house and not somewhere else. The last person I texted was my Dad to let him know I was on my way to the rugby match.

17. Last thing you bought?
Clothes from Marks and Spencer – I went on a bit of a shopping spree last weekend!

18. Last TV show you watched?
At the time of writing, Call The Midwife, but by the time this post goes live it will be Reign – you can check out my thoughts on Reign here!

19. Can you cook?
Well I would normally say yes, but today (yesterday) I failed miserably at boiling an egg so… take from that what you will.

20. If you could play any musical instrument, which one would it be?
Given that I used to play piano, I would love to take it up again properly. Either that, or learn the acoustic guitar.

And now you know a little more about me, let’s look at who I tag to take part!


I tag…

  1. Jordanne – ofaglasgowgirl
  2. Claire – thatmummarocks
  3. Zoe – withanoceanview
  4. Lucy – lifeandstuffbylucy


Hopefully now you all know me a little better, but I’m always happy to be chatty and get to know people more on my social media accounts! So either drop me a comment below or pop by and say hi!


Speak to you all soon xx


  • Glen

    Lovely post, thanks for the shoutout Katie! I’m also a Virgo, good at maths, enjoy Christmas and love chicken! 🙂

  • wildsmithmek

    Love these types of posts! Learning about people is my favourite thing!! I love coffee, chicken and Silent Witness too! xo

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