A Christmas Would You Rather 2019

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Good morning on this lovely Friday 13th! I am choosing to completely steer clear of all talk about certain results being announced today… and instead we’re turning to another fun blogmas post to take our minds off it all!


Shall we have some fun? It is a Friday afterall!


1.”Last Christmas” by Wham or ‘All I Want For Christmas is You’ by Mariah Carey?
Definitely Last Christmas – so much so that I’m listening to it as I write! Yes Mariah is Miss Christmas (And Michael Buble is Mr Christmas), but the song just annoys me.  Unless it’s in Love Actually, then I like it.  But yes, Last Christmas is by far better.

2. Christmas Games or Christmas Movies?
Christmas Movies are by far my favourite movies.  So much so I created a profile on my Netflix account purely dedicated to these films.  But on Christmas Day we try to avoid the TV and focus on spending time with each other without screens.  Games for the win on Christmas Day!

3. Pigs in Blankets or Turkey?
Turkey! I like pigs in blankets, but nothing beats a nicely roasted turkey.  As long as it isn’t overcooked then it’s to die for.

4. Christmas Pyjamas or Christmas Jumpers?
Why not both? As you may have seen, I have quite a few Christmas pjs (and I got some more this year!), but I also have a lot of Christmas Jumpers. But with the pjs, they can be worn all year round without judgement.

5. Mince Pies or Cheese & Crackers?
Wait are we talking just at Christmas? If so then I have to go for mince pies.  Cheese and crackers can be eaten at any time of year.  But don’t forget, I am the queen of cheese.  Speaking of, I’m craving a properly strong blue cheese with a digestive biscuit…

6. The Holiday or Love Actually?
Having never seen The Holiday, I have to go with Love Actually.  Who am I kidding? Love Actually is my all time favourite Christmas film!

7. Baileys Hot Chocolate or Mulled Wine?
Mulled Wine! Now if you offered me an amaretto hot chocolate then I’d dive on it. I’m really not a Baileys fan.

8. Real or Fake Christmas Tree?
Fake.  Even though I love the smell of a real tree, I think I will always have a fake tree.

9. Spend Christmas Day with lots of people or a select few?
A select few.  I love the concept of a lot of people.  But a lot of people, all day long? No thanks!

10. Star or Angel on Top of the Tree?
Mum and Dad have a pretty Fairy for the top of their tree, but because I can’t find one I like, I’ve gone with a simple star. I’m still trying to replace it…


And now over to you! Which would you rather out of the 10 above? Let me know in the comments below!

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