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4 Summer Color Palettes For Your Decor

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GUEST POST | Hey Lovelies, the summer season has arrived and with that comes new seasonal summer color palettes to expect for your décor. Let’s talk colors, from summer brights to soft pink and greys. Style? Take on the minimalist look or go bold with prints…yes prints! There are many different types of colors, looks and styles to take on in order to switch it up when it comes to your home this summer season.

Peach, Pink, and Grey Summer Color Palettes

peach pink and grey summer color palettes

Soft pinks and peaches paired with greys is one of the summer color palettes for your decor this season! It’s a color palette that’s easy on the eyes and can be styled many different ways to your liking. The soft pinks and peaches will bring a sweet and chic aura to your home and will definitely help brighten up the neutral grey tones. Take your home from modern minimalist  to chic by incorporating rose gold accented decor! It’s a great complement to this color palette and it takes the new look within your home to a whole new level of chic.

White, Caramel, and Gold – 2 of 3 Summer Color Palettes

white cream and gold summer color palettes

This colour combo is great to bring a minimal and chic look to your home.  It’s a color combo that is easy on the eyes and very easy to style within your home because they complement each other nicely. Take on the rustic or urban look within your home by implementing more caramel tones and chestnut wooden decor. Gold accents ultimately brighten up a room and do add that chic look to a room as well.

Pink, Orange, and Yellow

This is a very bright and bold colour scheme that screams summer and styled the right way, a room with this colour palette will look amazing design-wise. You are sure to be nothing but happy walking into a room with this fun and bright colour palette, hence why it is a great way to kick off the summer season with this colour palette for your home decor. You can go even further by adding prints! Brightly coloured printed pillows are such a great and cute way to add colour and personality to your couch(es). Any of these little bits and pieces from rugs, to coasters, to paintings on a wall, and floral accents can bring a colour scheme within a room together and definitely add personality to a room.

White, Green and Blue

white green and blue

Bring an ethereal and tropical look right into your living room! The white is a neutral tone, but it’s the blue and green that’ll really be the accent colours to brighten up your room with this colour palette. This is a colour combo that will bring a lively and calm aura to your room. Take the two colours and incorporate them in one way or another whether it’s getting mix and match pillows, lamps, rugs, and random accents to place around the house. This really ties the whole look within a room together, as these soft and playful hues really create an illusion of a tropical island right in your home.

Additional tips

additional tips

Rugs and prints are the way to go. Using colorful rugs and other details with colorful prints can really switch up the look of your room within a matter of minutes. So grab one that catches your eye and use it to take your room from basic to bold from these summer color palettes!

For all my interior lovers, I hope you got some ideas to help you change it up when it comes to your decor this summer season! Essentially, like your clothes, your room is a reflection of who you are as well. So, definitely take ideas and rework it to make it your own when considering your summer color palettes. For more home or even fashion ideas, check out, misskouture, my polyvore page to see all my stylings and creations.  Thanks so much for reading!

Comment down below which of the four was your favorite summer color palette. xx

xoxo, Misskouture

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  • abbeylouisarose

    You have fantastic taste in decor! I absolutely love the colour palettes you’ve picked out, the peach, pink, and grey set especially! I bet this colour scheme would give any room a lovely cosy feel! I’m a big fan of duck-egg blue for interiors, I wish I could repaint my student house in it haha!

    Abbey 😘 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

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