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Best Posts of 2019

And it’s Wednesday again already, and to be honest I am so ready for this month to end. Actually, 2020 is looking set to be a busy year, and already I am turning my head to whether or not Blogmas is a viable option this year. I mean seriously, it only ended a month ago – why do I do this to myself? Continue reading “Best Posts of 2019”

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The Real Neat Blogger Tag

Can anyone else quite believe we have yet another full week of January left? I can’t – I keep thinking it’s the end of the month. But here we are, another Wednesday morning, a new post day, and today I’m taking part in the Real Neat Blogger Tag! Continue reading “The Real Neat Blogger Tag”

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Welcome To Life With Ktkinnes

Hello and happy Wednesday! How are we all today? I can’t believe we’re here on the third Wednesday of 2020 already. I wanted to take today to say hello and welcome to Life With Ktkinnes. So buckle up, grab a cup of whatever your beverage of choice is, and let’s dive right in. Continue reading “Welcome To Life With Ktkinnes”

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My 2020 Bullet Journal

Haha, you thought I’d already given up, didn’t you? Welcome back to Life With Ktkinnes! Post 2 of 2020, and the second post of the decade.  I know we’re a little behind, but I wanted to take you on a tour of my 2020 Bullet Journal today.  So grab that cup of tea/coffee/beverage of your choice, maybe find a comfy seat, and hop aboard! Continue reading “My 2020 Bullet Journal”