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His Guilty Secret Book Review*

And today marks the last non-blogmas post of 2017! What a year it’s been… little did I think a year ago that I would be getting involved in book tours and reviews, but here we are! Today’s post is all about His Guilty Secret by Hélene Fermont. Continue reading “His Guilty Secret Book Review*”

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Brown’s Hair Salon Part 2

Welcome back to my two parter about my afternoon in Dumfries! If you missed part one, check it out here!

When we finished up learning how to better look after our skin, we moved back into the main room and started to snap some photos of everyone getting their hair done and the food that was laid on for us!

At this stage, Nelson came over to see if I was feeling any better, and then started playing with our hair to see what he thought would work best for our hair. Within a few minutes of playing with mine, he asked about the natural wave some of my hair seems to have. For anyone who doesn’t know, my hair is half wavy, half straight, all who has a flipping clue anymore? The underneath goes very wavy while the top and sides seem to sit almost poker straight, and most of the time I just leave it to do its own thing until it figures itself out. Nelson then went on to say my hair is incredibly soft, and also incredibly malnourished. It’s been damaged in the past by too much heat, not the right products, and some of the medication I’ve been on in the past for my hormones has also really stripped back my hair. At that point, he told me he didn’t want to do anything using too much heat or that would put my hair under too much pressure. It was to be a hairstyle I could replicate myself, but using products that would try and repair my hair. I couldn’t stop nodding along to what he was saying!

One thing I did laugh at, I felt so guilty admitting to the hell I’ve put my hair through over the years. And I almost wanted to apologise to Nelson – seeing his face when I told him that for 6 years I washed my hair every day, blew it dry, and over straightened it, and that was all before I started dying it too! So yes, this post contains an apology to both Nelson and my hair for the torture I have put my hair through. No wonder it hates me!

My “what is my hair doing?” face

Nelson introduced me to Louise, who he talked through his plans for what she was to do with my hair. We went back into the hairwashing room, where she used the Windle and Moodie Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner on my hair. I want to get my hands on these! But for now, I’ve just bought a regular nourishing shampoo and conditioner until I can buy these. Taking me back through, she sprayed my hair with the Windle and Moodie Foundation Spray before combing with a wide tooth comb. This was the one and only time she went near my hair with any brush or comb. Following this, a little of the Windle and Moodie Curl Enhancer was mixed with the Invisible Day and Night Cream that I’ve been promised will sort out the fuzzy baby hair at the front of my head. My hair was then separated into thin sections and twisted around on itself. Using the Dyson hairdryer with the diffuser attachment (and oh dear goodness I need one of those in my life!) she started drying my hair in these little twists and putting some volume in the roots. The waves were incredible!

Now I’ll be honest and say, I was slightly disheartened at first. One thing I don’t have is height around my roots, and no hairdresser ever seems to get it right for me, but this time was different. I was distracted from the lack of height by the volume and texture of the rest of my hair – I was in love with how good it looked! Cue all the selfies I could possibly take the rest of the night.

As we left, we were handed a party bag each, and we said our goodbyes. The entire way home, I just kept trying to think about how practical it would be to travel to Dumfries every time I want my hair done. I need to go back! No wonder Nelson and his team have worked on fashion shows, I was amazed at how much love I had for my hair when I got back! Normally I hate my hair within an hour of leaving a salon. So for me to still be in love with it over 24 hours later is quite something!

I’ve included a few pictures of the contents of my bag. Everyone’s bag was personalised to them and the products they had had recommended to them throughout the day. We got some skincare samples from the Guinot range to try, and then 3 full sized Windle and Moodie products to bring home with us! I’m loving using the invisible day and night cream, and I’ll keep you all updated on how well it works for me. One thing’s for sure, Jordanne and I agree that we want to see how viable an option it is for us to spend the money on the travel. I would love to keep going back, and I will do it again someday! I officially love the salon, and all the staff were so lovely and attentive!

Do you have a hairdressers that you just need  to rebook the second you’re done because you love it that much? Or have you been to either of Nelson’s two salons in Scotland? Let me know below!

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How Well Do You Know Me?

After yesterday’s rather ranty post, today I wanted to be a little more lighthearted today! And do you know the funny thing? I spent about 20 minutes staring at that flashing cursor taunting me with the fact that my brain was blank. It’s weird whenever all you want to do is write but you can’t actually decide what to write. Continue reading “How Well Do You Know Me?”

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Brown’s Hair Salon Part 1

Well I really don’t know where to begin with this post other than to say I am currently so jealous of anyone who lives in or near Dumfries because right now I would seriously consider making the 4 hour round trip just to get my hair done here again.  Continue reading “Brown’s Hair Salon Part 1”

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The Gift of Christmas*

Right some of you may remember back when I finally got my Rombouts Coffee* post to go live that I mentioned I had a book review due to go live but was having difficulty posting. Now here we are almost a week later and I can now finally say that this review is here and it is live! A huge thank you to Kelly for her patience with this, I can only apologise again for the lateness of the post. Continue reading “The Gift of Christmas*”

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My Morning Routine

Hello again everyone! How’re things going with you all? I’m absolutely shattered between work, blogging, and everything else, and mornings just aren’t the same when your alarm clock is going off at 6am. But today’s post is all about what I do before I start my day! Continue reading “My Morning Routine”