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Evening one and all. I can’t say good evening however it is evening! Or does this count as night? I’m never sure of these things.
I shared with you the news about my resit this morning. Having sent a few emails to my adviser there is no update at the moment and so I will let you know when I do what is going to happen. I have 3 days to figure out what to say to Mum.
It’s currently quite late and I haven’t achieved any goals for today. To be honest, it was a bit of a non-starter. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
I just wanted to share a poem with you that I read in the newspaper this morning. I hope you like it!

 I Remember, I Remember


I remember, I remember,

The house where I was born,

The little window where the sun

Came peeping in at morn;

He never came a wink too soon,

Nor brought too long a day,

But now, I often wish the night

Had borne my breath away!
I remember, I remember,

The roses, red and white,

The vi’lets, and the lily-cups,

Those flowers made of light!

The lilacs where the robin built,

And where my brother set

The laburnum on his birthday,—

The tree is living yet!
I remember, I remember,

Where I was used to swing,

And thought the air must rush as fresh

To swallows on the wing;

My spirit flew in feathers then,

That is so heavy now,

And summer pools could hardly cool

The fever on my brow!
I remember, I remember,

The fir trees dark and high;

I used to think their slender tops

Were close against the sky:

It was a childish ignorance,

But now ’tis little joy

To know I’m farther off from heav’n

Than when I was a boy.

Rather melancholy but at the same time I can begin to see the nostalgia in this poem. Hopefully you like it as much as I did.

Ktkinnes xxx

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Well I failed the resit. Not exactly sure how to tell my parents. I have to wait for my adviser to get back to me to tell me if I’m repeating first year or what but I need to know that soon so that I can go through my student finance stuff and sort it too. 
I knew it wasn’t going to go well. No matter how hard I worked at it it just wasn’t making a difference and now I can’t do anything. I just hope that the uni will be kind