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Sober October?

Just a few minutes ago, I signed up to Go Sober for October in support of Macmillan Cancer Support. I asked my friends if they wanted to join and was laughed off our group chat so I shall do my best on my own!

If anyone else thinks this is a good idea, feel free to sign up! You never know, I might be persuaded to make a donation…

The reason I’m considering this is simple – it saves money and calories! All effort to be good in a day is wasted the minute you sit down and have some sort of alcohol. The sugar, the calories, it’s all unnecessary. And I’ll be doing my liver a favour too!

As a student at university in Scotland, this might be a difficult task. My only concern is the Halloween party my flat is throwing. Can I start my sober October on 30th September and end it a day early? Or is that not fair?

Let me know what you think!

Ktkinnes xxx

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Quick request?

Hi, only me again!

Could I ask a strange favour from you all? One of my friends recently started blogging about Lush products and as she’s still starting out she doesn’t have many followers. This is making her doubt whether or not to keep going. Personally I love reading her thoughts and recommendations! So if you wouldn’t mind giving it a read and maybe following? It’s “What’s in my bath?”
Ktkinnes xxx

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Fighting with contact lenses

Ever have those days when you really feel like making an effort? Maybe you’ve got a new outfit, or want to try out a different hairstyle. And everything suddenly goes wrong.

For the past 20 minutes I’ve been fighting with a contact lens so I am currently writing to you all whilst half blind so please excuse any spelling mistakes! Hopefully autocorrect will spot them. 

New outfit? Check.

New shoes? Check.

Different hairstyle? Check. Only if mum likes it though…

Make up? Happening after these lenses!!
If it decides to work, I’ll send you a pic!
Happy Thursday everyone


Update: Contacts finally went in!