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Yet another Wednesday

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Ah Wednesdays. The “hump” day if you like. The day I have the most difficulty getting out of bed because “the week is still dragging on”. However, this week I’ve had fewer classes and so am quite excited for this seminar. What I’m not excited for is the physics presentation I’ve to do in just over 4 hours. 8 minutes talking, 2 minutes questions. I’m fine for the talking – ask anyone I know and they’ll tell you I could talk to a wall of left for long enough. It’s the unknown of the questions at the end.

Only exciting part is, after the presentation, I can pour myself a large glass of wine and prepare for what is set to be an excellent night! Dress, tights and shoes are all laid out on the bed, hair has been practiced, make up will be the standard, and I’ve actually painted my nails for it! Since it’s the last chance for Polo before the exams, I’ve been persuaded to go out… The night before St Patrick’s Day…. Plus drinking tomorrow… Here’s hoping my liver can cope!


My nails trimmed, filed and painted for tonight!

For anyone unaware of St Patrick’s Day, he’s the patron saint of Ireland and so anyone from the island of Ireland uses it as an excuse to get extremely drunk. Of course, with the Irish contingency in the USA, this tradition has moved across the pond and seems to be an even bigger affair over there. The story of Saint Patrick can be found here:

To finish off, since I suppose I’m actually meant to be preparing for class, I feel very strange. This is the first day in 2 weeks that I haven’t worn earrings. ¬†Also, did anyone else hear Anne Hathaway has signed up to film Princess Diaries 3?!? So excited!
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