“Would You Rather…” The Christmas Edition

"Would You Rather..." The Christmas Edition Life With Ktkinnes
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Haha whoops this probably should’ve gone live a week ago, but better late than never! I was tagged by the lovely Shona, and have only just had the chance to get this posted. Shall we have some fun with the Christmas edition of the Would You Rather tag?

I’ll have a go at the questions Shona was set by Amy, then Shona’s questions, then I’ll add my own! So before we go any further, here are my answers to Amy’s questions.

Amy’s Would You Rather Questions

1.”Last Christmas” by Wham or ‘All I Want For Christmas is You’ by Mariah Carey?
Wham all the way! I do love Mariah, and I don’t feel like Christmas has started until I hear this on the radio, but Wham outranks it, sorry!

2. Christmas Games or Christmas Movies?
Okay this is a tough one. Christmas Movies are my favourite – I watch them all the time! But on Christmas Day, we play games as a family instead of watching TV or movies.

3. Pigs in Blankets or Turkey?
Right. I adore Pigs in Blankets. It’s not Christmas without them. However, I have to say that turkey is better simply because we only have it at Christmas, and pigs in blankets can be eaten at any time.

4. Christmas Pyjamas or Christmas Jumpers?
Why not both? As you may have seen, I have quite a few Christmas pjs (and I got some more this year!), but I also have a lot of Christmas Jumpers. But with the pjs, they can be worn all year round without judgement.

5. Mince Pies or Cheese & Crackers?
Cheese and Crackers all the way. I love Mince Pies, but there is nothing better than a slice of cambozola cheese spread on a digestive biscuit with a thin layer of marmalade over the top!

Now onto Shona’s Questions!

  1. The Holiday or Love Actually?
    Love Actually! Okay I haven’t seen The Holiday, but Love Actually is always going to win against anything. Sorry not sorry.
  2. Baileys Hot Chocolate or Mulled Wine?
    Mulled Wine! Now if you offered me an amaretto hot chocolate then I’d dive on it.
  3. Real or Fake Christmas Tree?
    Fake – so much more economical, and half the mess of a real tree!
  4. Spend Christmas Day with lots of people or a select few?
    Well, we have Christmas Day dinner as a small group of 4-6 of us, but we always see the extended family over the course of the day.
  5. Star or Angel on Top of the Tree?
    Mum and Dad have a pretty Fairy for the top of their tree, but because I can’t find one I like, I’ve gone with a simple star.

My Questions:

  1. Celebrations or Quality Streets?
  2. Stockings at the end of the bed, or hung by the fireplace?
  3. Multicoloured fairy lights or plain white ones?
  4. Do you dress up for Christmas Day or do you have a pj/casual day?
  5. Beauty advent calendar, or a chocolate one?

Now I know Christmas is over, so please do feel free to save this for December 2018 if you’d like, or feel free to answer over the next while!

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I can’t wait to read your answers so please tag me in them!

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