Wimbledon: Strawberries and Cream Time!

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Good morning everyone! 🙂 Anyone reading in the UK will be aware that as of yesterday, BBC1 and BBC2 became over run with Wimbledon. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Starting with Wimbledon

Every year the BBC dedicate 2 weeks to the tennis at Wimbledon, with multiple shows being either moved or cancelled. They focus on Andy Murray and how he’s “British number one” for the majority of the time, whether it’s during the commentary or on the news.

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As he starts his campaign to win Wimbledon today, I began to wonder where this scepticism of the media came from. We all know “British when he’s winning, Scottish when he’s not” but what exactly does this mean? Growing up in Northern Ireland lead to me being taught the different in each term that is used in connection with the United Kingdom and it taught me that I am not Irish. Here’s a brief summary

Britain – England and Wales

Great Britain – England, Wales and Scotland

United Kingdom – England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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This of course lead to some interesting discussions at the kitchen table in uni over the year. One person didn’t know if Belfast was Northern Ireland or if it was Dublin in the north so asked me what it was like “being from Dublinfast”. We had a good laugh at that. But in all seriousness, what can I identify as?

Throughout the year I came to realise that labels aren’t at all important, we are what we are and as long as we are happy why do we have to label ourselves to others. However, national identity is important. Ask a Scottish person if they’re English and you might be introduced to a Glasgow Kiss! (Note, this is a rather painful headbutt on the nose)

So am I British? Am I Irish? I think I’m actually neither. How can I be British if I’m not part of Britain or Great Britain? But I’m certainly not Irish. And why, on forms, are we only given these options?

Now that I’ve questioned my nationality, I think it’s time to bring this post that was meant to be about Wimbledon to an end. Andy, whatever you classify yourself as, good luck today in your match against Mikhail Kukushkin! Fingers crossed you’ll win!

Thanks for reading! If you’d like to learn a little more about Northern Ireland politics, why not check out my post here?

Ktkinnes xx

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