What Should I Bring to a Rave?

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AD | You’re going to a rave, but you’re not sure what to pack. You have your outfit, but what else? There are plenty of things besides rave clothes that you should have. What are they? Read on to learn:

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Hand Wipes/Sanitiser

It’s important to be sanitary. Keep your hands clean at all times. This is because people are going to be touching all kinds of things. One of the really important times is when you go to the bathroom. This depends on the set-up. Some may be indoors with regular ones while others may rely on the portable kind.

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Portable Charger [aff]

Speaking of portable, you want to keep your phone charged. How else would you take awesome videos of yourself dancing? You might also need to make a call to get transportation home. The chargers are relatively inexpensive and they can be much better than having to hunt around for a wall outlet. Let other people do that. You’ll be set with your charger.

Face Mask

This has become an important piece of clothing. You will be in a crowd of people and you never know who has been vaccinated or not. The mask can protect you from far more than that though… you can drastically reduce your risk of getting a cold or the flu, too.

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Masks don’t have to be impersonal either – you can create your own or pick ones with colours or sayings on them that fit you. This is a way to be safe and also stand out during a rave.


You have to protect your skin while you’re outside, especially during the summer months when the sun is at its strongest. The last thing you want to do is to wake up the next morning beet red and being in pain when you move. If you burn yourself a lot, you increase your chances of possibly getting skin cancer.

The sunscreen has to be a strong one, at least SPF 30 or higher. Many are odourless,  so people around you won’t even notice.

Katie’s note: My favourite sunscreen to use is Soltan Protect & Tan from [aff]


You’re going to be dancing, so that means you will be on your feet a lot. Yes, there are a lot of trendy shoes and boots, but those can ruin your feet. Wear sneakers to save them.

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These are some of the basics. Other things like earplugs to reduce damaging noise and hydration packs to keep you from getting dehydrated really help. Then you can really enjoy the rave.

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