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…last weekend! Hello, welcome back, and I hope you enjoy today’s post.  Can you believe that we are already over half way through October? Because I really can’t. And what I definitely can’t believe is that it’s almost the weekend again!

After last weekend, I really am looking forward to this weekend.  I know last weekend was relaxing in its own way, but I cannot wait for a weekend of doing nothing.  Not that we’ll be doing nothing, I mean I have a hair appointment on Saturday, and I’m sure we’ll think of plenty of things to do, including watching the rugby.

What Katie Did... Life With Ktkinnes

But how has your week been? I’m sitting here this morning thinking back to the weekend and all that we got up to as part of Rachel’s birthday present.  If you weren’t aware of the parts of Rachel’s present, make sure you click back a post when you finish reading today’s post! Or just click here for the list of them, whichever you prefer.


So today I promised you an update on what we did last weekend, and I’m looking forward to sharing it!


So if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, then you’ll know last week didn’t exactly end the way I had expected them too.  After a bit of a meltdown in the office, I had Thursday afternoon off, and Friday morning too. So when we were ready on Friday after lunch, we took a drive up to Junction One in Antrim for a bit of a look around.  Half the shops are now gone, and it was bitterly cold, but we did have fun just taking a bit of a walk to kickstart the girls weekend! We arrived in Portrush shortly after 3, and actually managed to park up really close to the hotel! We checked into the hotel and went into our room – it was huge! Quite antiquated, and you could tell it was part of an old house, but we had a massive bay window looking out into the street below and you could see the sea beyond all the shops.  While we’d talked about heading out for the afternoon, in the end we threw on our walking shoes and decided that a dander through the shops was exactly what we needed. We headed into the bigger almost department shop, followed by the little eco-friendly shop where Mum and Rachel managed to purchase a few items.  After a walk around the town, we headed around to the Harbour Bar for a drink and to people watch, before going back to the hotel to get ready for dinner.  That night we ate in 55 Degrees North.  It was alright, nothing spectacular, but we had a decent meal, a cocktail each, some wine, and good chat – never mind the entertainment of some drunk guys running around shirtless outside until 3 police cars showed up! That was quite funny to be honest. To end the night, we returned to The Adelphi for a drink in the hotel bar, where we discovered they have a wine of the month for only £9.95 – a lovely bottle of Chilean Merlot! It wasn’t an early night, but not a late one, and we went to bed looking forward to our spa treatments the next morning.


Saturday dawned, and the sun was shining high in the sky.  We managed to make it down for breakfast, where you could help yourself to cereal, juice, pastries and fruit, and then you gave an order for your cooked breakfast, teas and coffees, and toast.  What I found really good was that you could order anything, not just the 3 set cooked breakfasts listed on the menu, so if all you wanted was a single sausage and a piece of toast that was perfectly acceptable.  We all went for the full breakfast, with a few little changes, just for simplicity.  After breakfast we took a walk along the East Strand where the Beach Races were taking place – bikes and quads racing in laps, with a pretty big crowd out to watch them! We decided to have a coffee from one of the vans and watch for a while until it was time to head for our treatments.  Now, if you remember from my post last week about our plans, The Adelphi wasn’t able to take us for treatments (even though their website clearly states open daily, but whatever), so we booked with a local salon for a full body massage each.  As seemed to be the theme of the weekend – this ended up not working out properly.  One of the girls was off on maternity leave, and the other had had to phone in sick due to a family matter, so unfortunately we could only be fitted in for a back massage each.  Not the end of the world, and these things happen, but it was just typical considering how everything else had gone.  In the end, we all had a thoroughly relaxing back massage each, and got back to the hotel for lunch to watch Ireland play rugby against Samoa, so it all worked out okay in the end!

We spent the rest of the afternoon in Portstewart, walking along the beach, getting lost in the sand dunes, rummaging through the shops, and finished off with a coffee in a cafe along the front.  It was glorious, even if it was a bit chilly, so we were all glad to return to the hotel to shower to warm up, and use the face masks Mum had bought for us.  Dinner that night was in Neptune and Prawn, and although we waited what felt like forever (which is normal) the food was as good as always, and we had a good meal.  Afterwards we had a nightcap in the hotel bar again and sat and chatted, and then I think we made it to bed around 1am, so all in all a good day was had.


Sunday morning came with the sky clouded over.  We loaded the car, checked out of the hotel after breakfast, and decided to take one final walk along the beach.  As we rounded the corner to the Arcadia, we came across about 40 people out swimming in the North Atlantic in their swimsuits and swimming trunks (no wetsuits!) with even more on the beach about to join them! We spotted a few faces we recognised, and a friendly local explained to us that this is a weekly occurrence all year round – no wetsuits allowed, but all are welcome, with some people driving up from Belfast specifically to go for a swim at 10:30am every Sunday morning.  It was great to see! So we watched for a while, before continuing on around the coast, and took a long walk along the sand watching all the families and dogs and horses enjoying how mild the air was.  We stopped for a coffee again before getting into the car to begin the drive back, and had only been in the car about 10 minutes when the sky opened and the rain began.  Just our luck to miss it!  On the drive home, we met Dad at The Rambler’s Inn for lunch, and I think we all had a good meal.  It was warm, cosy, and very welcoming – just what you needed on a cold damp day. Dad then took Rachel on to the airport, and Mum and I headed home to catch up on Strictly and a bit of sleep!


So all in all I think Rachel enjoyed her weekend away, and I for one was certainly exhausted when I got into work on Monday morning.  But I enjoyed the weekend, and would very much recommend The Adelphi to anyone trying to think of somewhere to stay in Portrush any time soon.

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