What I’m Gifting This Year

What I'm Gifting This Year Life With Ktkinnes
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Wow tomorrow is the big day! And I’ve managed 25 posting days in a row! Are you as excited as me for tomorrow? Before I go any further, I just wanted to say –


Stop reading now!

Unless you want your present ruined.

Now that that’s out of the way….Eeeeeeeeek! It’s Christmas Eve! It’s 7am and I am up and raring to go. We’ve got so much to do around the house, a church service to go to this morning, a granny to collect and organise, an afternoon of socialising, and then another church service tonight! Oh, and I might be getting a Chinese for dinner tonight and that is actually the most exciting part about today for me right now. I can’t remember the last time I got a Chinese takeaway!

But yes, tomorrow is the big day! And as we all know, there are presents to be opened in the morning. So who wants to know what’s hiding under my tree?

This year Rachel and I have gone together for the two grannies, and while we’ve bought separate gifts for Mum and Dad we’ve decided to give them together so it looks slightly better.

For Granny B, we’ve gone with a DVD of Season 1 of The Crown, and a copy of Elaine Everest’s Christmas at Woolworths. She doesn’t have internet and the idea of trying to explain Netflix to her is a nightmare in itself – we’re already dreading trying to train her to use the DVD player! But she loves everything to do with the royal family, so she’ll love The Crown.

Granny H was a tough one to think of this year, and so in the end we went with a nice top.

What with it being Mum’s birthday only a week ago, and considering certain family members always manage to steal our ideas (even when we keep them secret), Mum’s Christmas can sometimes be difficult to think of. So this year we were in luck when Dad remembered her asking for some black leather gloves, and we got her a ring to put with it.

Under the tree for Dad this year, while it may seem boring to you guys, is something he should really appreciate. Rachel has got him a lovely wool and cashmere scarf that’ll keep him warm during the colder months, and I have got him a bottle of Espresso Martini. He is actually obsessed with them, so now he can make them for himself and save a fortune at the same time!

I won’t put Rachel’s Christmas present in here just in case she does read this post before we get to open presents. But I will let you know if she liked it!

What are you giving out for Christmas this year? Is there a particular present you’re looking forward to giving?

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