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What I Gifted 2019

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It’s over again for another year and I’m beginning to hit a decline.  But that’s okay, because blogmas is continuing for another week here on Life With Ktkinnes, and today I am sharing what I gifted 2019!

I’ve never been one of those people to do the whole “This is what I got for Christmas” posts, instead I always prefer to share what I’ve bought for other people.  This year is no different, and so today to continue that festive spirit, let’s have a look at what I gifted 2019!

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Mum and Dad

Rachel and I went together for Mum and Dad’s Christmas presents because she had found a present for them that just made sense for us to join together on.  This year, Mum and Dad got tickets to see Scotland play France in the Rugby Six Nations in Edinburgh.  We’ve booked their flights, and they’ll most likely just stay in Rachel’s flat in Edinburgh, but I think they appreciated the present!

What Rachel was Gifted 2019

I’ll be honest, I forgot I’d bought a part of her present in advance! Rachel this year got a jewellery roll, and a new leather purse as hers was beginning to fall apart.  I also got her a necklace (for in the jewellery roll) but forgot to put a coin in the purse, so really hoping I haven’t brought bad luck on either of us!

What Granny B was Gifted 2019

Ah Granny. The person who has everything, and would get excited to receive a bar of soap.  In fact, she was excited to receive a bar of soap. We got her a winter scented soap, a new book from one of her favourite authors, and a nice perfume from M&S.

What Granny H was gifted 2019

This year, Granny bought herself a new iPad but didn’t get a case. So I decided to buy her a new case for her iPad, and I also gave her a copy of The Freedom Writers Diary. As a former teacher herself, and someone fascinated by history, I thought she would appreciate the hard work that the teacher put in to getting the children she taught through their school careers.

Family Friends

For the sake of anonymity I’ve left their names off here, but a family friend has taken the last 13 weeks to teach me guitar, and so I wanted to get him and his wife something small just to say thank you and merry Christmas.  Because the two are such a case of “opposites attract”, it was hard to think of what to give them, and in the end I decided to put together a little hamper with items for the two of them. In it was chocolate, some alcohol, chefs candles for the kitchen, a homemade Christmas pudding, teas and coffee, as well as some treats for their dogs.


 This year, I got Cameron (Rachel’s boyfriend) a set of No7 skincare products. It was all travel size bottles, in a wash bag suitable for using in your hand luggage as that’s all he ever travels with. Nothing exciting, but useful I suppose nonetheless!

I also did Christmas Eve boxes for Mum, Dad and Rachel, but I won’t bore you with that information here.

So there we have it! What was the best thing you gifted this year? Let me know in the comments below!

What I Gifted 2019 Life With Ktkinnes

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