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Welcome To Life With Ktkinnes

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Hello and happy Wednesday! How are we all today? I can’t believe we’re here on the third Wednesday of 2020 already. I wanted to take today to say hello and welcome to Life With Ktkinnes. So buckle up, grab a cup of whatever your beverage of choice is, and let’s dive right in.

Welcome to Life With Ktkinnes – my little corner of the internet. To those of you who’ve been around from the start, welcome back! It’s been a while since we had a chatty post, hasn’t it? If you’re new, then hello! I’m so glad you decided to stop by!

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I was out walking over the weekend, trying to think of what I might come talk to you all about this week, when it suddenly dawned on me that over Christmas and New Year, I reached over 700 followers here on Life With Ktkinnes. That’s over 700 people receiving an email or some form of notification every time I click that publish button – it’s crazy! Add onto that that there are now over 10,000 of you following me on Twitter, and to be honest I’m a little in awe. But it got me thinking. When was the last time I sat down and explained Life With Ktkinnes to you all? Where did it come from? Where’s it going, or why am I still here if it’s not “going” anywhere? Actually, that’s another point for another day – does your blog have to be more than just a hobby, or can we simply write for the pure enjoyment of the clicking of the keys under our fingers.  But as I say, that’s for another time.

Life With Ktkinnes: The Origin Story

Let me take you back in time to June 2014. It was around 3 o’clock in the morning, and as was very much the norm for me back then, I was wide awake and scrolling through Facebook on my phone.  I came across a post about how to make some extra money – something I was very keen on doing as I was hoping to start university that September and didn’t want to blow through all my savings in the first week.

During that post, I found multiple paid survey sites, cashback websites, advice to “just get a part time job” – as if it were that easy when you’re 18 and planning on leaving the country in a few months – and then about point number 18 of 20 was “Start a Blog”. I stopped and read this one.  People could make money for just posting book and food reviews online? Never knew that.  But then I realised that blogging didn’t just have to be about making money. The more I thought about it, a corner of the internet that was my own, purely for documenting my summer and the start of university sounded more and more appealing.  It was around that time that I started to feel a little more cut off from the girls I was friendly with in school – we’d been growing more and more apart over the years, and I was reaching the stage that apart from one or two friends, I really had no one to talk to about things that were on my mind. On that night, Life With Ktkinnes was born, and here we are now in January 2020. 712 posts (well, 713 now), over 36,000 total views, and my little corner of the internet, Life With Ktkinnes, to document the rambles going on in my head has gone from one thing to another.

We then hit the uni years. First year of university, I kind of forgot I even had a blog. It sat dormant for at least 8 months from memory.  To be honest, I can’t even think what made me start back into blogging, but the summer between first and second year of university saw me start taking my blog that little more seriously. I mean, I had a grand total of about 35 followers and I was amazed that that many people were following my ramblings! After the death of a family member, I found myself turning more and more to my corner of the internet to talk, and I’d started talking to more people on Twitter too. That year, I was posting any time I could – in fact, one day I shared 3 posts in one day! Damn I miss 2015 Katie… she may have been falling apart in some ways, but at least her dedication to blogging was real!

2016 was the first real shift for me and Life With Ktkinnes.  I was taking part in Twitter chats on a minor scale – in awe of those bloggers on Twitter with several thousand followers – how were they doing it?! One night in August, I was scrolling through my timeline watching TV when I accidentally liked a Tweet and was added to a group chat – that’s the night GRLPOWR was born, and I first started chatting to more bloggers. We started a retweet account – something I didn’t know a lot about at the time – that ran 2 chats a week, and it started out great! Then some of us took things more seriously than others, there were a few issues, and eventually I told them where to go and left. Honestly? It was the most freeing thing I had done in I don’t know how long. But I kinda just skipped over the key part of that year without realising it – that was when I first started talking to Jordanne online. As part of grlpowr, we were planning a trip to London to all meet up, and Jordanne and I sort of agreed within a week of everyone chatting that we would travel down together and share a hotel room. This seemed fine, but we decided to meet up first and get to know each other, and damn we just clicked. Honestly, if I was to thank blogging for anything, it would be for introducing me to one of my best friends. From then, we’ve done a couple of trips away together – London, Leeds, Paris, and Ibiza. I stayed at her’s, met her little guy, and we meet up or chat whenever we can.  After I left grlpowr, Jordanne wasn’t too far behind – she had previously set up her own retweet account and wanted to focus on it: Bloggers Tribe. In January 2017, Jordanne asked me did I want to help her run the account, and this month (January 2020) we have reached over 24,500 followers.  We have daily threads, a Facebook group, an Instagram account and related hashtag, and while it can sometimes feel like a lot of pressure to find time to get onto the account, we love being able to do it.

So if you’ve got this far, you’re probably thinking “Great story, Katie, but you still haven’t actually introduced yourself or Life With Ktkinnes”. And you would be right. You see, that is a prime example of what Life With Ktkinnes is! My name is Katie, and I ramble a lot. In fact, Life With Ktkinnes is basically just the ramblings of a so-called adult, trying to figure out what life is.  In the middle of all that, I like to throw in book reviews, TV shows or films I’m loving, favourite recipes (remember the old “Feed 4 for £10 or less” posts? We should bring them back…) and anything else I feel like blurting out to you all. I like to think there’s something here for everyone – except maybe beauty/fashion because that just really isn’t me. But could I interest you to maybe an attempt at a review of my skincare routine? No? Ah well, you can’t win them all. Actually, I read something a few months back that to survive in the blogging world you need to have one niche, you can’t just post whatever.  I beg to differ. But then again, I’m not earning anything from this blog – it’s purely a hobby. Again, I’m going off point. And we’re over 1300 words…

On that note, I think we’ll have to say goodbye for now. I never did get to introduce myself really in this post… but that just means we’ll have to do that another time! Thank you to anyone who stuck through all those rambles, I don’t even know how we got to this point. But before I go and start getting ready for a day in work, I have to ask – if you follow me, why do you?  What posts in particular do you enjoy? If you’re not following me and have just stopped by, what makes you stop and follow a blog? Or even better, if you’re a fellow blogger, why did you start blogging? There’s a comment box down below, and I would love to get talking to you all!

Until next time xx


  • The Procrastinating Mum

    Hi! I love this style of post, it makes me feel like we’re having a conversation! I’m a blogger – very new, about 6 months – and I started blogging about my mental health and becoming a parent. I absolutely love blogging! xx

  • ktkinnes

    Aw welcome to the blogging world! It can be overwhelming at times, but there’s a reason we stick to it. Best of luck with your blog! Going to go have a nosy at it now 😊 xx

  • whatsjloves

    I love your rambles don’t ever stop rambling as I ramble alot! We have to stick together! Your little internet corner helps me regroup and escape the daily stress, yes I have a beauty blog but I love reading all blogs especially when I feel I am getting to know the person

  • Kate

    Loved reading this post! I’ve just found your blog and really enjoy your honest writing style. When I follow a blogger it’s generally because I enjoy their varied content, can relate to their experiences, enjoy their writing style and aspire to have a blog similar to theirs. I must say, my blog is just a hobby but after a little rebrand late 2019 I’m feeling so motivated and inspired to write and connect with other bloggers again too. I would love my blog to one day become more of a full time commitment but at the moment, I really enjoy my actual job and with only a small following the opportunities just aren’t there.


  • On Plan Rox

    I think it’s awesome you found friends blogging and planned a trip together. So fun!!

  • a Life on a Dime

    Love your blog Katie! The way you write makes me feel like I am having a conversation with you and not just reading .

  • hazelsalcedo

    Wow that’s so great that you met one of your best friends thru blogging and have taken trips together! 😍 It’s amazing what blogging can do huh? Interested in getting to know you better, keep the posts coming 💕Also congrats on reaching ~10k on twitter… I hope I can grow my own account to that number too! Maybe you can share some tips 😍

    – Hazel https://hazywanders.com/

  • Madison Taylor

    Totally agree, I like to blog about everything, I couldn’t conform to just one niche! And that’s so cool that you’ve been to London and Paris! I’d say it’s sort of the opposite for me in that when I hit my uni years, I had to take a step back from the blog cause I didn’t have the time for it. When I first started blogging, I was very serious about it. I’m about to graduate though so hopefully I can churn out more posts now. Best of luck to you this year! xx

  • jkblooming4gmailcom

    How fun to read this post and learn how it all started and how far you’ve come. Wishing you many more successful, fun blogging years.

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