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Right, how many of you think that you can’t enjoy Christmas if you’re on a diet, or following a weightloss programme? Because today I hope to get rid of that notion.

Blogmas Day 14 brings us a Friday. It’s also my work Christmas Party, and the last weekend I have to get organised for Christmas in Scotland. So if you think WW is going to take over, then you may need to think again!


In fact, before we go any further, let’s lighten the mood a little – I feel like I’m being a little argumentative with the beginning of this post haha! So let’s cool it down a little and enjoy one of my favourite Christmas songs.


So I get that it isn’t a very positive song, but it’s just so happy and bouncy!


Now that we’re back on track, let’s talk staying on track during the festive season.  Last week, our coach decided to talk us through how many smart points are in each of the usual festive foods that we have in the house at this time of year.


I can’t remember if I’ve ever actually gone into detail about smart points, but essentially every food you eat or drink you drink has a certain number of points attributed to it.  Then, depending on your current weight, your goal weight, your height and your age, you get assigned a daily allowance and a weekly allowance. Keeping up so far?


Now, if I say that we were shown a low point mince pie, and a miniscule serving of Christmas cake, and Bernie pointed out to us that that was essentially the same number of points as some people are allowed in a day – 23. It seemed crazy!


She then went on to talk about alternative options, and watching portion control. Her strategies to keep on track, and we then had like a group discussion on what others in the group do to keep themselves in check.


But do you know how our class ended? Not with us being told to avoid certain foods or drinks. Nor with us being made to feel guilty if we come back to class with a pound or two on. Bernie’s advice to us all was simply “enjoy yourselves, but don’t get too caught up on the numbers”. And you know what? I really appreciated that.


We live in a world where we constantly are looking at numbers. Whether it’s our stats, our money, our weight, or whatever, we are always trying to bring one number lower, raise another number higher. And I think what Bernie was getting at is that Christmas is once a year. You have to enjoy it while you can. Within reason. Don’t eat the turkey, the ham, all the trimmings, and the people sitting around the table with you! But if you do overindulge a little, then you know you can fix it by being a little more aware over the following days, going out on brisk walks with the family or the dog or even just by yourself. Weight Watchers is not a diet. It’s a way of life. And you need to be able to live life.


So whatever you’re eating this Christmas, I hope you enjoy it! I for one may happen to forget to track after my 3rd or 4th drink tonight, but I’ll be reigning it in again a bit for heading to Scotland next weekend!


Hope you all have a fab Friday!

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