Weekend Getaway

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Dundee here I come! What a week. Any routine I originally had went completely out the window, as did my work ethic. But I’m going to focus on my weekend getaway and pretend it hasn’t been a bad week!

Monday night I went to the Wine Society for the first time. We “tasted” 8 different wines from the Americas, starting with a sparkling white and finishing on a bottle of red worth £30. Now considering we paid £10 for our ticket and ended up drinking approximately 2 and a half bottles of wine each, it really wasn’t a surprise when I woke up on Tuesday morning with a hangover.

This of course meant I didn’t bother with lectures on Tuesday, and it also means I have to copy up. However, Tuesday night saw Nuala going on her first ever date!!! I’m going to assume it went well. Wednesday came and I went to all my classes, yes actually all 4 of them! I was in from 9 until 5… Not a very pleasant experience… In our physics labs at the minute we are working on something called MatLab. Please don’t ask what it is or anything because I really have no idea. It’s some sort of computerised programme that is apparently useful for physics. All I know is – computers and this programme hate me.

Wednesday night I actually went to the LGBTQ+ event! It was a Scene Tour of Glasgow, we went around all the gay bars and clubs except for one so we gave up and went to Polo instead. I think it’s safe to say that between Monday and Wednesday, my Sober October plans have been destroyed. Every bar we went to gave us free shots (yes, multiple each) and all double vodka and orange drinks were £3 so needless to say I then spent Thursday morning in bed with a hangover.

 Yesterday was slightly more productive though. I bought 2 Christmas presents which is better than nothing! And then I met Mary and Nuala to buy Halloween decorations for the party we are throwing. It was good fun and put us all in great moods! Then was a friend’s birthday party… Needless to say I didn’t drink at all and made my excuses to crawl back to bed.

And now that you’re up to date I can tell you that the woman on the bus seat behind me is sitting with her shoes off and her bare feet are on the arm rest of my seat, it’s rather disturbing. We’ve only been travelling for about 15 minutes but I am considering going back to sleep.

My dose of Freshers Flu is almost gone! But on Wednesday night I walked into the side of a skip and have now bruised and cut my arm… No idea why it hurts this much but there’s always something, am I right?
Hope you’re all well!
Ktkinnes xxx

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