Guest Post: Perfect Gifts for Wedding Anniversaries

Guest Post: Perfect Gifts for Wedding Anniversaries Life With Ktkinnes
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You and your spouse should appreciate every moment that you spend together, expressing your love, tenderness and thankfulness for each other. However, wedding anniversaries are symbols of the beginning of your life together and perfect opportunities to celebrate your love. We know how important is the perfect gift in that occasion so we collected several ideas for perfect gifts you can give your spouse on your major anniversaries.

1st paper anniversary

Since the 1st anniversary is symbolised by paper, you can choose this theme for the gift. You can surprise your partner with a set of their favourite books or make your own meaningful gift. For example, you can frame the map of places where you first met, got engaged and married or fill a jar with 365 handwritten notes devoted to your loved one.

5th wood anniversary

Wood is the symbol of the 5th anniversary, denoting strength and wisdom. You can choose wood-inspired gifts, such as jewellery or music boxes, personalised chess set or a wooden figurine. You and your spouse can also plant a tree in your backyard and watch it grow just like your love for each other.

Photo by Aliis Sinisalu on Unsplash
Photo by Aliis Sinisalu on Unsplash

10th tin anniversary

For a decade, your marriage has been flexible and long-lasting just like tin or aluminium that symbolise 10th anniversary. Since this is one of the major anniversaries, you can surprise your partner with a trip to a country you’ve always wanted to visit together. Here, you can buy tin or aluminium souvenirs that will remind you of your time spent there.

15th crystal anniversary

Crystals are beautiful and mesmerising and can be used to describe your love for each other. They also require tenderness because they are fragile, reminding you that you need to take care of each other and your marriage. For her, a beautiful crystal brooch is a lovely present, while for him, you can get a crystal beer stein or wine glass engraved. You can also go on a dating route and visit all of your favourite places that you used to visit when you started dating.

20th china anniversary

Beautiful and fragile china requires carefulness and attention just like a marriage. China ornaments and items are a traditional gift option, while you can also go with elegant emerald jewellery, a beautiful lush perfume or DIY coffee mug with a personalised message.

Photo by Alex Martinez on Unsplash
Photo by Alex Martinez on Unsplash


25th silver anniversary

As a milestone year, 25th anniversary is widely known as the silver anniversary. You should think of a really special gift to celebrate the 25 years of your life together. A truly authentic idea is going on a glamping trip, a type of luxurious camping. From lush lodges and huts, to high-end tours and excursions, glamping will enable to you to celebrate your love in style.

30th pearl anniversary

This anniversary is symbolised by pearl denoting purity and wisdom. You can simply go out to a high-end restaurant and treat yourselves with a glamorous oyster dinner over champagne. If you’re in the mood for travelling, you can go on a cruise around the world and explore its most stunning destinations.

40th ruby anniversary

Ruby is a symbol of romance, devotion, passion and a burning flame of two people in love. For this anniversary, you and your spouse can think about the most beautiful retirement homes in a peaceful village and spend your years living in the lap of luxury. Just imagine sitting on your balcony together, soaking in the scenic view in the atmosphere of tranquillity and serenity.

Photo by Annie Gray on Unsplash
Photo by Annie Gray on Unsplash


50th golden anniversary

Denoting flexibility, resilience, rarity and luxury, gold is a perfect symbol of 50th anniversary. You should celebrate your golden anniversary by throwing a glamorous party for your friends and family, go to a luxurious dinner or announce your 50th anniversary in the local newspaper along with your wedding photo.

60th diamond anniversary

Diamond is a symbol of undying love, eternal flame and strength. You can surprise your loved one with a piece of diamond jewellery or frame your wedding photo using a diamond frame. You can also go on a beautiful barge cruise in France, the country of romance and intimacy.

Each moment of your life together should be filled with romance, love and tenderness, while anniversaries are perfect occasions to commemorate the beginning of your beautiful adventure.



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14 thoughts on “Guest Post: Perfect Gifts for Wedding Anniversaries

  1. thegrahamsmiths

    I didn’t end up sticking to the theme for my wedding anniversary because I couldn’t think of anything that my husband would like, and vice versa.

    I would have LOVED my favourite books… there’s always next year I guess!

    Thanks for sharing this, it’ll be so handy for the future!

    Ysabelle x

  2. Elisa

    Great ideas! Love how you have related the gifts to each anniversary. I am a full believer in celebrating each year!

  3. Kirsty-Louise Bates

    I adore the 365 handwritten notes idea! I’m stealing that one, I’m not married but I think my other half would love it. Some really great ideas here. Thank you! Kirsty. Xx

  4. rachaelstray

    Aw there’s some lovely ideas here. I really like the tree idea and watching it grow and mature will have to remember for our fifth anniversary!

  5. abbeylouisarose

    Some fantastic ideas here! I love the fact that wedding anniversaries are themed by different materials as the years progress, it gives you a creative prompt when looking for gifts as well! The idea of planting a tree for the ‘wood’ anniversary really is a fab one!

    Abbey 🍂

  6. thatmummarocks

    OK so I totally missed out on the whole wood thing but hopefully I’ll be sure to do something for the tin one! Ive always wondered what anniversaries are which so this is super useful x

  7. withanoceanviewblog

    I love this post, what a great idea. I’m usually always covered for peoples 1st wedding anniversary gifts I simply just draw them a picture of them on their wedding day, so far it has been accepted amazingly.

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