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Websites That Need Immediate TLC | AD Life With Ktkinnes
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Over time the requirements for websites will change from an operational standpoint to an appearance standpoint. Here are hints regarding websites that need immediate TLC.

When certain elements get ignored or uncorrected you stand the chance of looking outdated or a lower league business. There are definite areas for elimination on your current website and a lot to be rectified if you want people to stay on course to conversion. Here are a few pointers to get you started.

Websites That Need Immediate TLC

A lot about how your website looks talks about your business.

If your business stands apart from others in the field then why have a website that is a copy of 50 other websites that can be made for free. It’s time to install some pride in your appearance. Cookie Cutter websites can be set up overnight, if you still have one of these basic template websites then you are going to look cheap and like a startup company no matter how many years you have been trading.

Websites today need to be all singing and dancing to gain attention from users, with responsive web design taken into account due to portable devices being a huge bulk of internet searches. Time to step up and get with the 20’s.

Fonts and Typos

Typos and shocking grammar are a huge turn off for people browsing your site. They are looking to shop for services, not take an eye test.

By having misspellings and errors in your sentences and spacing you are sending a message to your potential client as “Ah well, it’ll do.” That’s also how you are promoting your business. Also there are a multitude of fonts you can use to jazz up your website, so stop relying on the boring Times New Roman one. It’s dull and lifeless and is pretty much the beginner font under selection. Make an effort and find something much better to keep people reading.

Websites TLC Christmas Computer

Old Blogs and News

Let’s take a standpoint of a user for a moment.

They come to your website and scrolling through see the news or blog section and want to take a look. Your last article or post was from 2016!

Granted, this was a time where the world seemed to stop for a lot of people but for a business, if you don’t have anything to talk about then it looks like you are not doing much at all. Take some time to dedicate to a blog a week at least or news every day. You can even hire Stockport website design firms to generate copy for your business to keep it trending.

No Personalisation

Does your about page read like;

“A boutique business situated in Wigan.”

Is that it? Seriously? Well you are seriously underselling yourself to any user who visits the site. You are going to need to tell the user a story of how your business came to be, the dedication to the work on hand and, most importantly, why you are the best business for the job. Personality is everything in the digital age and people want to know they are dealing with someone personable. So don’t be afraid of being that person through your business. If mistakes happen down the road with any client order then they will at least feel more secure that you are the individual taking care of the problem and not some helpdesk.

Just a few simple ideas to get your website up to scratch and with the help of stockport website design firms you can really take full advantage of trading effectively with new clients moving forward.

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Website TLC Infographic - 4 ways to improve your website

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