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Here’s a short story I wrote as my GCSE creative writing coursework (aged 15-16). I rediscovered it recently and had to laugh at my style. The theme was change. Feel free to have a good laugh at me!

Love changes everything, is affected by most things and isn’t easily defined. It changes how you think, how you act and who you are. I once knew a girl, Kathy, who knew what she wanted in life. She had friends, brains and stability.


The train was crammed. Six girls lounged near the doors; laughing, talking and generally winding each other up.

“The next station is Dunmurry,” the speakers crackled. Passengers rose, gathered their belongings and stumbled towards us.

“Oi! You ignoring us?” Samantha called. A few people stared at them before she tried again, “O’Gara!”

Nearly her height, completely gorgeous with an impish grin and hair like fire, Andy groaned, “Not again…”

Carol and Amy yelled, “Andy!” and ran to hug him; they’d had too much sugar. Kathy smiled sympathetically as he fought his way onto the platform. He laughed, shouldered his bag and sauntered away.


A few months later, they exchanged numbers and Kathy and Andy were texting constantly. Christmas came and went as she felt herself fall in love. It was complicated though; he was almost two years younger. Why should age matter? If they were in love then no one could stop them. She began to feel like she couldn’t breathe any time he was near but when they weren’t talking, she missed him so much it hurt. Monday 14th February, 11:39 pm, she finally built up the courage to tell him.


“Remember I told you about my friend who liked someone younger than them?” Kathy texted nervously, heart racing and no longer able to sit still.

“Yeah… why?” He replied.

“What if I’d been lying? What if it was me?”

“Rather over the top but is this still ‘what if’? I wouldn’t mind because I like you too…”

Her heart felt like it would explode, “Being totally honest now, I did make it all up…”

“Really? Wow so you like me that way… I like you too,” He texted back. “Loving the way you told me on Valentine’s Day.”

“I’d forgotten all about that…”

And with that she fell asleep, dreaming of nothing but filled with contentment.



Kathy got in the car and looked at her phone. In two hours, there were four texts, all from Andy:

“How are you?”

“You there?”

“I’m all lonely…”

“Okay, I’m really needy. Love you Kathy, talk soon”


She rolled her eyes, smiled and texted him back. Again, they talked for ages about nothing important but to Kathy, every text meant the world.


Sitting in class a few weeks later, the teacher came around to collect the homework.

“Sorry, Miss, I forgot mine…” Kathy apologised

“Kathy, you’ve forgotten nearly everything today and you look like you haven’t slept in a month!” Kathy’s friend chastised. She had noticed the purple shadows on Kathy’s pale, translucent face.

“It’s nothing, I just was up late again last night,” Kathy sighed, fiddling with her hair and getting out a pen to take notes.

“Again? It was him again! Why can’t you just say no and sleep?”

“It’s hard… You have no idea. All I want to do is talk to him, I don’t care when.”

“You never talk to me anymore… Can I ask you something? Promise not to get mad. Were you being serious yesterday when you said you feel you can talk to him more than me?” Kathy’s friend looked her directly in the eyes and kept her gaze. When she didn’t answer, her friend tried a different approach, “Do you feel closer to him than me?”
Kathy hesitated, bowed her head and sighed, “In some ways, yes. Just you’re always busy and I don’t want to annoy you. And when I’m texting him, I always end up smiling and feeling happy. It’s not I don’t want to talk to you; I just find it hard sometimes. I don’t know why but I just do.”

“Before Andy, we talked non stop and now you don’t really seem to want to,” her friend muttered.

Kathy lifted her head to show a tear-stained face, “Why is it there are more than 600,000 words in the English language and yet there are no words to describe what I’m feeling right now?”


So Kathy, the girl I once knew, knows she is different to how she used to be and is trying to fix things with her friends. She understands her friends are only looking out for her and don’t want to see her get hurt. They care too much about her to not try and help. Kathy’s marks have gone down but not drastically and Andy is trying to persuade her to go to sleep earlier. They both know it won’t work.  She no longer feels the need to always worry what she look like. Kathy and Andy will always talk, even if they break up. Love goes on as life does. People change and life changes them but it doesn’t always have to be for the worse.


  • Envy Fisher

    So first of all I have to see how much I love your comment box, it just looks so awesome!
    Second, I didn’t have a laugh at you, though the last two paragraphs made me smile. I noticed the high school kid in the writing there. Did you have to keep it within a certain word limit? It felt that way, at least to me. Are you still writing? Cause I’d love to see how your style in fiction has changed 🙂

    x Envy

  • ktkinnes

    Thank you! Had to have a quick look to remember what it looked like since I’m so used to the mobile site 😂 but I agree, it is pretty awesome isn’t it? It’s linked to the free WordPress theme that I use (again Unknown sorry).
    Yeah, the last 2 paragraphs definitely showed my age and made me laugh. I remember having a word limit but I can’t remember what it was, and while I planned it at home, we had to write it in class under exam conditions so no notes and all in the space of an hour so it was a hectic piece of coursework!

    It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything but I am quite tempted to try and get back into the way of it so keep an eye out for it sometime in the (hopefully) near future! xxx

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