Wait, what? April 2016

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How did it reach 10:25pm on April 1st and me not realise I have a blog post to complete? Strange, it’s normally the first thing I do on the morning of the 1st.

Wait, what? April 2016 Life With Ktkinnes

March seemed to have gone by in a bit of a daze. It saw my first date (and the ones that followed it, might I add),  an Irish dancing social, a second date, rearranging my room, a presentation, a dinner date, another presentation, GULGBTQ+’s Farewell dinner and night out to Polo, St Patrick’s Day with my first ever ceilidh, Super Saturday of rugby and a mini flat “party”, a few good films,a coffee date, a journey home, an Easter break in County Fermanagh, and a 2500 word essay written across 2 days. Not bad for 31 days, was it?

I socialised at any given opportunity and found myself loving every bit of it. It was good to get it out of the way before exams start – only 25 days away now, eek! I made it to the Irish Dancing classes when I could and learnt some great new dances. Still can’t believe I can actually learn them! Maybe by this time next year I’ll have improved and be able to keep up with the girls running it. I did well to keep on top of uni work, even if it doesn’t sound like it. However this did mean that I didn’t get reading as much as I’d hoped to. Maybe now it’s study leave it’ll be easier. Finally, I didn’t do too bad at keeping my room tidy… Just a little out of practice it seems but we’ll get back into the way of things.

As April began today, I was reminded I have a wedding in 10 weeks. While I can’t say I’ve made a significant effort to lose weight, I have lost some! And so I plan on continuing. What else do I propose as goals for April?

  • Read one book. Any book. Prove to yourself it is possible.
  • Sort a good revision and day routine and stick to it. It’s one thing to make a routine but another to be able to stick to it.
  • Keep up some form of exercise. I’m not sure yet if dancing will be on during the next 2 months but if it is I will definitely make an effort to go.
  • Lose weight (see above)

So there you have it! Not long now until Kelsey comes over and I need to be at my best to keep up with the plans for those 6 days.
Finally, I decided I’d give this a go:

Wait, what? April 2016 Life With Ktkinnes
It appeared on my Facebook today so I think I’ll try it. Starting with number one on the list, here’s my reflection – forgive the pjs!

Wait, what? April 2016 Life With Ktkinnes
Maybe a few of you want to join in too? Wish me luck!
Ktkinnes xx


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