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Versatile Blogger Award Tag Life With Ktkinnes
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So just when I began to panic that I hadn’t thought of a post for you lovely lot today, my phone lit up to tell me that Lou from Life of Lou had tagged me in this really fun blogger tag.I actually just realised this is one I have never taken part in before, even though I’ve seen it around so many times! It is for that reason that I can’t wait to share this blogger tag with you today. So thank you so much, Lou, for the nomination! I loved reading your post (which can be found here) and will be keeping an eye out for everyone else’s posts when they go live.

The rules of The Versatile Blogger Award Tag are as follows:

1. Share 7 facts about yourself;
2. Nominate / recognise 15 other bloggers for this award.

This is coming straight after Monday’s Q&A style post, so it took me a while to come up with 7 facts you may not already know about me! But here goes…

  1. My favourite book from my childhood would have to be Mermaid Magic
  2. I have had different iPhones since I was 15 years old and *touches wood* still haven’t broken one.
  3. As the above suggests, I am quite superstitious!
  4. I keep every Christmas card I receive so I can put them up each year to make it look like I have more cards.
  5. When I was 13, I went through 3 months of watching The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (extended editions) every day – not my finest hour.
  6. I am awful at keeping in contact with my friends, even though I’m on social media pretty much constantly.
  7. I adore Blood Brothers (the musical) and have seen it on stage 3 times.
Some Christmas Cards hung up in my hallway
Some of my Christmas cards this year

Now that you know a little more about me, it’s time to go tag some other bloggers! Do them a favour and check out their posts!

  1. Nele
  2. Kay
  3. Gemma
  4. Alicia
  5. Lisa
  6. Emma
  7. April
  8. Jordanne
  9. Tiffany
  10. Lisa
  11. Bexa
  12. Lucy
  13. Pinar
  14. Maud
  15. Jade

Have you taken part in the Versatile Blogger Award Tag yet? Let me know in the comments below and you might just find yourself tagged by one of the brilliant bloggers above!

5 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award Tag

  1. Hello Bexa

    The Christmas card thing made me laugh 😂. I did the same thing the year before last but didn’t need to this year because of the Blogger Christmas Card Swap 😄. Great answers Katie! Thank you for the tag! 😘 xx

    Bexa |

  2. Emma

    I am terrible at keeping in touch as well! Thank you so much for the tag love learning more about fellow bloggers 💕

  3. Pinar

    Thank you so much for the tag lovely! The fact about your Christmas cards made me laugh, I have both my kids birthdays and hubbys birthday within the two weeks of Christmas so you can imagine I have cards filling my house for over two weeks! Haha!
    I did the same with The Lord of the Rings trilogy they are brilliant films!
    I’ll be sure to write up my post soon 🙂 xo

    Pinar |

  4. withanoceanviewblog

    I giggled at the Christmas card thing because I do that to, Haha and I’ve been there with the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, I have also lost a whole summer as a teenager watching and re-watching Dirty Dancing. Haha

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