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Up Blogging Game for 2021

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Ah Boxing Day, the day all of us die on the sofa eating as much as we possibly can. Some people decide to spend the day out walking or exercising, while the rest of us binge-watch whatever we missed on TV over the last few days. I, for one, have decided to work on helping myself up blogging game for 2021! Here’s how you too can up blogging game for 2021.

Since we’re officially in lockdown here in Northern Ireland again, and this time with an 8pm curfew for leaving the house, I decided to throw my all into my blog. I’ll probably talk more about that in a few days. However the big thing for me over the next week is preparing my blog, and my next little secret project, for 2021.

As we all know, it’s a bit of a crappy way to be starting 2021. It wasn’t unexpected, but we did think there would be a little more notice. So as we move towards the new year and some new goals, I wanted to share how I will be trying to up blogging game in 2021.

Up Blogging Game

Let’s start with the basics – we’re all at different stages in our blogging journeys. Kayleigh and I realised we’ve been blogging for approximately the same amount of time. However, those of you who follow both of us will know that we are at two very different stages. Back in Lockdown 1.0, I shared with you my 15 Blog Maintenance tasks. These are there to help beginners learn what they should focus on from the start, and to remind those of us who’re 6 years in what we need to do on a regular basis. But there’s a lot more to it if you want to up blogging game this year.

1. Set Your Goals

Goals are important to help you know where you want to be within your blog. 2020 has been incredible for views for me, and I started to monetise my site [aff] with the help of Kayleigh’s blogging guides. That’s why, today anyway, I will be sitting down and setting my blogging goals for 2021. Keep an eye out for them coming to the blog soon! Whether your goals are to post once a month, guest post more, or whatever they may be, get them jotted down.

2. Make A Plan

Now that your goals are set, it’s time to work out a plan of action. Yes, it’s great you have all these dreams and aims, but unless you act on them nothing will change. This morning I have printed off my copy of Jordanne’s Ultimate Yearly Blog Planner [aff], and will be using it while I plan my content. However, my plan of attack for my blog is to learn more about how to optimise my SEO, increase my blog traffic through Pinterest, and earn more money from my site. Because while this is a great hobby, it’s also a nifty way to help me save for a deposit for my own place.

3. Get To Work

As I said earlier, I won’t assume to guess your goals. However, if your goals are to increase your traffic or to share more on your site, then you need to get to work. If increasing traffic, get reading into how to use social media sites such as Twitter or Pinterest to up those views. If it’s posting more consistently, get planning those post ideas! Make a checklist for all the work you need to do, and keep it somewhere close to where you blog.

4. Read Those Guides

All around us there are people we can learn from. Whether someone has been blogging for 5 minutes or 5 years, you can learn something from them. Reading a new blogger’s blog last week reminded me why I started and reignited my love for writing. Reading Kayleigh’s and Jordanne’s remind me there’s a lot I still have to learn. Which is why I say read those guides! Lockdown 1 saw me purchase a lot of ebooks on how to up my blogging game. And while I’ve implemented some of the advice, there’s a lot still to do.

up blogging game cover image

5. Suss Out Your Competition

There’s plenty of room in the blogging community for everyone – that’s not what I mean when I say competition. But know your target audience, and look at those who aim for the same audience. When you visit their site, what encourages you to stay? Have they maybe done something you’ve never considered doing? Or maybe you know from their income reports that they manage to secure more collaborations than you do. All I’m saying is – do not copy someone else’s work. But take inspiration from them, and give them the full credit if you do do something because of them.

6. Have Fun With It

Yes you may be looking at taking your blog on the big step to being your full time job. But you wouldn’t be thinking of that if you didn’t enjoy it. So remember no matter how hard you work, you need to have fun with your blog.

To learn more about how I will be upping my blogging game in 2021, check out my 15 blog maintenance tasks that should be on your list, and my list of blogging resources I couldn’t do without!


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