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So a few days ago, an amazing blogger suggested we collaborate sometime to write a post. Last night, while I was home alone and watching Begin Again (brilliant movie, review coming later), Rach came up with an excellent idea for us to join together on – so here it is! We’ve decided to work on a University Challenge for you – a full what-you-need-to-know!

We’ve thought of 10 questions to ask each other about university and being students, in the hope that somewhere in here you’ll find some helpful thoughts and information about what to expect as a university student. Head over to The Life of a Onesie Wearer now to find her questions for me! I plan on having my answers written by tomorrow for you all. But for now, here are my questions:

1. What would you say is a life saver to pack when leaving for university for the first time?

2. If you could advise first year you against bringing anything to uni, what would it be and why?

3. It’s a Wednesday night, you’ve rushed home after a full 9-6 day of classes and need to get back out to that all important social but you only have an hour to get ready. What’s a cheap and easy dinner that you advise learning for such a night?

4. Leaving home aged 17 and up, a lot of students come to university not knowing how to budget – name your top 3 tips for budgeting.

5. How did you find your method for revising at university? Did it worry you trying to find it?

6. What would you say to the students who are currently stressed about finding the perfect flat and the accompanying flatmates?

7. Which clubs or societies did you find most useful for making friends or keeping sane, and would you recommend signing up for everything at the start of the year?

8. When it all got too much, who or what helped you relax and “gain perspective”, and how would you suggest other students do this?

9. How do you suggest making your room or flat more homey, especially with all the rules and regulations landlords enforce?

10. Now that it’s all over, what’s the main piece of advice you would give to first year you?

While you’re over there on her blog, why don’t you give some of her other posts a read? I’m sure you’ll love them as much as I do!
Here goes our University Challenge!
Ktkinnes xx

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