University Bucket List Life With Ktkinnes

University Bucket List

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Happy Thursday everyone! Is it really almost the weekend again?? It’s crazy how quickly the months are just flying by at the minute. Soon it’ll be Christmas again!

A few weeks back, the Ultimate University Bucket List appeared on my Facebook newsfeed, and it got me thinking – just how many of them did I tick off as a student at university in Glasgow?

 University Bucket List Life With Ktkinnes

Shall we find out?


So the original list of 36 things you apparently must do before you graduate was listed on Save The Student here.  Below are my yeses or nos!

  1. Support your uni sports team
    No I didn’t do this.
  2. Go on a day trip
    Yup! Did this several times. Trips to Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen… I even made it on a day trip to London at one point.
  3. Take part in a student protest
    Nope, to be honest I wasn’t even aware of any while I was there!
  4. Throw a house party
    I’m not sure if the parties we threw counted as house parties but I’m going to say yes here!
  5. Create an epic fancy dress costume 
    Nope… Best I managed was either a vampire in a black dress with my dark purple hair, or a zombie bride the following year.  Actually, the dress I wore for that was a white version of my choir concert dress… just realised that…
  6. Cook a house Christmas dinner 
    Oh yes I managed this! First year was Thanksgiving, and then 2nd and 3rd were flat Christmas dinners.
  7. Pull an all-nighter 
    Okay so I did this but not because of a deadline. It was because I was having a DMC with Nikki.  She left to go to uni at 9 because she had a performance to do, I went to bed and woke up again at lunch time. It was fun though!
  8. Go to a music festival 
    I went to Slam Dunk with Jordanne! That counts, right?
  9. Get elected to a society committee 
    Lol definitely not.  Not my thing, thanks.
  10. Try all the drinking games 
    Well I tried all the ones we thought of, including several we made up on the spot.  I think a few people won’t be able to watch certain movies again without the absolute horrors after movie drinking games…
  11. Run 
    Haha if you know anything about me at uni then you will know there is no way I ever ran.  Did you know I am currently about 8 and a half stone lighter than I was when I left uni?
  12. Get a part-time job 
    Nope, but with travelling backwards and forwards it was hard to find a job in Glasgow.  I always managed to sort a summer job when I came home though so I suppose that’s a half one?
  13. Set up your own business 
  14. Have a BBQ –
    No barbecue, but plenty of picnics!
  15. Buy a uni hoodie 
    Of course! I still wear it now around the house on lazy Sundays.
  16. Try out a weird society 
    The weirdest I tried was probably the Harry Potter society – went once and never went back. I’m calling this a yes
  17. Make it into the student newspaper 
    Wait, we had a student newspaper? I think we can take this as a no.
  18. Win a pub quiz 
    Yes! We did this the first time we ever tried the pub quiz! Prizes weren’t great, but we didn’t care – we just cared that we had won.
  19. Make it to a 9am lecture after a night out
     Yup! Made it home by 5am, got in for lectures 9-12, survived the day, then slept through my only class of the next day… whoops.University Bucket List Life With Ktkinnes
  20. Actually learn how to reference 
    Yup! And I got praised on it for the start of my OU course last year, so I’m taking that as a win.
  21. Do an internship –
    Nope, mainly because I didn’t do an internship…
  22. Host a dinner party – 
    Yes! I actually joined the Come Dine With Me society. Won for my group, and never got my prize. Kinda sad, but I relished the fact that I’d actually won.
  23. Invent your own cocktail 
    Haha yes, I did this to procrastinate in the lead up to exams.  Think I called it Sonic Water.  All it was was lemonade, vodka, and blue food colouring! But I loved it and made Jason and Nuala sit with me and drink the bowl (because of course it was made in a mixing bowl)
  24. Visit a mate at another uni 
    No… didn’t do this one.
  25. Do a dissertation – 
    Nope! Moral of the story, drop out before you finish your degree. That way you avoid the dissertation stage!
  26. Do something crazy for charity 
  27. Prank your housemates –
    I lived with Nuala and Jason – of course there were pranks! Some really stupid ones, others were ingenious.
  28. Be the first to arrive at a club (and the last to leave) – 
    I think once I managed to stay until the end, but I was certainly never the first at a club!
  29. Spend a day binge-watching Netflix –
    All the time! Especially when I was ill.
  30. Go on tour – 
  31. Go speed dating – 
  32. Make your own beer – 
  33. Make a living room fort –
    No, but we made our living room a cinema with the projector!
  34. Do drunk karaoke – 
    Of course! The nerves disappear when I’ve had a few drinks, and all sense goes out the window.
  35. Gate crash another lecture – 
     I think I maybe once went to a Chemistry lecture? I know I went to the same Physics lecture twice in one day once…
  36. Go travelling – 
    Yes, but not in the big sense.  I did weekends away.
  37. Volunteer – 
  38. Get a degree – 

 University Bucket List Life With Ktkinnes

So what’s that? A total of 19 out of 38.  Wow, I actually did more than I had expected to!


How many have you achieved at uni? Let me know in the comments below!

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