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University vs Blogging: Finding The Balance

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For so many of us, there’s that constant choice between university stuff and taking time out for our blog. I mean, I planned to have this post written on a Sunday so I could focus on university work during the week, but I spent so long doing university work that I ended up not getting to spend as much time blogging as I would’ve liked. Sound familiar? Finding the balance between blogging, especially hobby blogging, and other commitments can be hard!

Everyone makes promises to themselves that as of the new academic year they will do their best with their workload, and try and keep to the blogging pattern we’ve all fallen into over the break. In fact, it may take me another 3 months to figure out how frequently to post! Honestly. Did a blogging challenge last month and had amazing stats (well, amazing for me anyway, I’m no big blogger) and then this week hits and I’ve noticed a decrease. Is it because everyone’s back to university and school now? Or has my writing actually just gone downhill recently? By the way, these are rhetorical questions.

Finding The Right Balance For You

But yes, I’m getting distracted. As is often the case when blogging. It’s a hobby, somewhere to relax and something to do to pass time, which is why – for me – it’s important to keep it up while back at university. But the struggle of balance is hard. If you spend too much time on one, the other suffers. To spend equal time on both requires you to sleep for a maximum of 3 hours a night. And while I may be capable of doing that, it certainly isn’t a choice a lot of the time! Those times when I can’t sleep, I tend to do anything other than blog. Too much work, and your balance is thrown that much you can’t sleep anyway. So how do these big time bloggers find the perfect balance between their full time job and blogging?

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It’s important to find that balance. You don’t want to risk grades dropping, nor do you want to lose any followers or stats. I mean, here I am on my 5th day in a row posting and I’ve got a planned break tomorrow, but I couldn’t not post today otherwise I’d have ruined my posting streak. See what I mean? So when do we stop focusing on what we feel we should be doing, and start focusing on just ourselves? I read once that you can buy a pack of 100 tealights and light them all at the same time (ignore the logistics of that for a moment) but they will all burn at a different rate. So step one in finding that all important balance is to stop comparing yourself to what others are doing and where they are in their blogging career. We can’t all sit and post daily, and nor should we. Could you imagine trying to keep up with that many new posts? We also can’t all churn out posts that are 2000 words long and perfectly written to rank on the first page of Google. If you want to learn where to start though you should probably check out my post on how to up your blogging game.

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Secondly, you need to find a time that suits you to sit down and write. There are times I can sit and blast out 7 posts in one day, provided I ignore the need for images in these posts. Others I struggle to put more than 1 sentence together. It’s all about balance. So if you find that in the mornings you have a quiet half hour in your routine that you can do without, aim to do one bit of blog maintenance. Or if, like me, you have a couple of hours in front of the TV at night, then why not use one of them to work on your posts?

It’s for this reason that blogging is now what I do just before sleep. I’m really trying this year with university, doing all the extra work and making sure I know everything I’m being told. We’ll see if it’s made any difference come Christmas exams. Even today, hungover as I was from the GULGBTQ+ Launch Night last night, I dragged my rather sleepy and nauseous backside to my lectures and I actually felt better having been to them. I wasn’t lying moping in bed. Instead, I got a good walk, I saw friends who really should’ve been equally as hungover as me, and I felt if I had achieved that then I could achieve anything today! Side note – the next day I managed to sleep through all 3 of my morning lectures. Hangovers last more than 12 hours kids… it’s a sad day when that happens.

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Overall, all I can say is stick with it. The more you try, the more likely you are to find the right balance between life and blogging for you. And if that turns out to be completely different to me? That’s okay too! We’re all so extremely different in our blogs and blogging style. I couldn’t imagine if we actually tried to be the same.

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But, as for my final piece of advice? All I can advise is have a bit of a routine when it comes to how many hours of blog work you can manage around the important things in your life. Keep a diary or planner of what’s happening and when so that you can try and move things around better if you need to change plans last minute. I also find it helpful to always have one spare post saved as a draft for if I’ve forgotten to write one or haven’t had time to write the planned one for that day.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, there are several blogmas posts needing written!

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