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Two for Tuesday

Two For Tuesday is back! Two facts about me, especially with it being Tuesday and since I can’t have my dominos pizza tonight. So here goes!

This is now week 3 of my Two for Tuesday posts, where you can learn 2 facts about me that you might not necessarily already know!


You’re having a dinner party. Who are your 5 guests? Can be dead/alive/real/fiction.

  • J R R Tolkien – think of the stories he could tell during and after dinner!
  • Emma Watson – childhood crush and now just full blown admirer of her.
  • Michael BublĂ© – think just to make Rachel jealous. She is fully in love with him and everything he does.
  • Joshua Malina – he’d be really interesting to talk to I think. Between all the shows he’s been on and all the people he knows, he’s bound to be great fun to talk to.
  • Shonda Rhimes – I’d sit her down and make her tell me everything that’s coming up in her shows! Of course I’d do it subtly…She’d never know it was coming.

Who would you invite and why?


My second Two for Tuesday fact I’m sharing today:

My all time favourite song is American Pie by Don McLean.

I can’t really explain why, I’m not really sure myself. But it’s one of the first songs I learnt off by heart as a child (that wasn’t a nursery rhyme) and I used to love singing and dancing along to it. Still do any time it comes on! And I still know all the words off by heart….

What’s your favourite song?
Ktkinnes xx


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