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I wish! But I was lying in bed the other night and realised, there is a way you can travel around the world, through time and space, without ever actually leaving the comfort of your living room or bed!

Books. Reading. A whole new world you never even imagined existing. And it’s all so easy to access! I love reading, always have done and always will do. I’ve been to Egypt, India, Middle Earth, Mexico, Inkworld, Hogwarts, Victorian England, New York, and so many other places and time zones. All through the magic effect of those 26 letters of the alphabet being arranged and rearranged into a pattern on the page.  Even our own blog posts can transport us to a different place if we let them. Only the other day I was reading back through my Ibiza posts and I could practically taste my mojito from that first year away.
So okay, I can hear you saying that books aren’t free. And neither are blog posts when you factor in having to pay for the internet you use to read them on. But there is one way you can read for free.



It’s really a shame I don’t see many people in libraries anymore. It’s always little children running around laughing, and the older generation who look like they wandered in off the street years ago and just forgot to leave.


I used to love if Jason was taking a trip to the library when we lived in our old flat. I had enough books to keep me going so I never signed up to the library, but he would go and get a few books every now and again, and I would go with him just to get out of the flat for a little while. There’s just something comforting about being surrounded by shelves of books covering every wall and every bit of floor space.  The best libraries are the ones with the reading corners and coffee machines though – they draw you in and invite you to never leave!


One thing I have decided to do in the new year is source a local library and start to get back into the way of borrowing books. While I still have so many adventures planned on my bookshelf, there are even more out there for you to read and explore so I need to get out there!


So do me a favour, if you wouldn’t mind. Find out where your local library is. You don’t have to sign up, nor do you ever have to go near it, but if you love to read and don’t want these buildings to suddenly become a thing of the past, then please do consider signing up! There’s so much you can learn from your local library, and many of them have audiobooks, DVDs, and more – all you have to do is ask!


I’m away to find my local library. Are you?



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