Top 10 Secret Santas for Him

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Welcome to day 3 of my Christmas posting plans! Happy 3rd of December, and welcome back to blogmas 2018. It does seem a little strange to be posting daily this month… especially after so long of not posting! However, today I’m here to share my top 10 Secret Santa ideas for the men in your life.   Is it just me or do Secret Santa presents online seem to either be very gimmick-y or very much outside the budget set for your Secret Santa? Well, this morning I’m hoping to help you think up something that the recipient  will love, that also doesn’t break your bank account! But before we can do that, I wanted to bring you Day 3’s song.



Yay! Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get looking at those Top 10 Secret Santa presents for Him!    

  1. Hedgerow Wine Kit – Make Your Own Fruit Wine 
    £6.99 on Amazon UK

  2. Green & Black’s Chocolate Gift – Mini
    £10.00 on Amazon UK

  3. Personalised Christmas Santa Face Retro Sweet Tin
    £9.99 on Amazon UK

  4. Cable Bites
    £6.99 on Firebox

  5. Soup Socks
    £6.99 on Firebox

  6. Hot Chocolate Bombes
    £8.99 on Firebox
  7. Grow Your Own Craft Beer
    £9.99 on Firebox

    £9.99 on IWOOT

  9. Polaroid Photo Cube
    £9.99 on IWOOT

  10. Set of 2 Mulled Wine Glass Mug Shaped Candles
    £10.00 at Next



Have I missed anything you think definitely should be on my list? Or is there something there you would love to receive? Let me know in the comments below, or list some of you own ideas and let’s get a list going for anyone hunting for that perfect present!    


Please note, all prices right at time of writing post (24th November 2018). Prices may change, and delivery costs may apply when purchasing online.


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