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Eeeek it’s Monday again already! Did you have a good weekend? Today we’re getting real, with a TMI Tag that the lovely Selena tagged me in almost a year ago… shhh…

So yes, the TMI Tag is here today, and I’m looking forward to sharing a little with you! It’s been ages since I managed to take part in a tag.  So thank you Selena for tagging me in this, even if it was a way back in January haha. If you’d like to read Selena’s post, which I highly recommend you do, you can check out her answers here. But for now, let’s get into my TMI Tag!

What are you currently wearing?

Currently? Well I’m actually sitting quite cosy in my Christmas pjs! What? I have too many of them to save and only wear in December haha.

Have you ever been in love?

I think so…

Have you ever had a terrible breakup?


How old are you?

23. Actually I need to go back and update my bios haha!

How tall are you?

5″8 roughly (like a quarter of an inch short)

How much do you weigh?

I’ll put it as I’m half a stone away from my goal weight, which would bring me into the healthy range of the BMI tests. Feel free to look it up if you wish!

Do you have any piercings?

Just the standard one in each ear lobe, but every now and again I contemplate getting a new piercing… just no idea where or if I’d actually remember to put anything in it!

Do you have any tattoos?

Nope, but again I have thoughts and plans. I know what I would like, but I have no idea where so until I figure that out I’ll just leave it.

What’s your favorite drink?

Alcoholic? A classic mojito. Non-alcoholic? Diet Coke.

What’s your favorite song?

Currently I have 3 favourites – Perfect by Anne-Marie, The Story by Sara Ramirez, and Flying Without Wings by Westlife.

What’s your Zodiac sign?


How long does it take you to shower?

Okay so if this was asking about a bath then the answer would be forever… but showers are anything between 5 and 10 minutes depending on if I’ve to wash my hair or not.

What’s your favorite show?

I will never not get excited about binge watching shows, so while I’m currently rewatching The Crown and Friends, my all-time favourite show would have to be a one-off series ITV aired back in 2008 called The Palace.

What’s your favorite band?

ABBA. ABBA win every time. Closely followed by Westlife… but I don’t really listen to bands to be honest! And recently my playlist has just consisted of whatever we’re singing in choir.

Something you really miss?

TMI Tag Life With Ktkinnes

Where do you go when you’re sad?

My bed. Or if I can I’ll go somewhere near open water.

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

Well I get up at 7:30am every day, and leave at 8:30am every day… but that’s including breakfast. So I’ll say anything between 30 and 50 minutes total, depending on whether or not I’ve to wash my hair!

Have you ever been in a physical fight?

Nope haha, although I’m sure Rachel and I tried it a few times!

What turns you on?

Haha so I know this is the TMI tag but that’s maybe a little personal! But we’ll just say it goes a long way if you’re good with animals and can have a laugh with me.

What turns you off?

Complete personality bypass. If you can’t be a decent human being, then what’s the point? Oh, and not loving Christmas. Just saying.

Quality you look for in a partner?

Humour, motivated, and good at communicating.

What’s your favorite color?

Purple and ice-blue… kinda like my blog colours! Although I’m currently loving bottle green.

Loud music or soft?

Soft music played loud enough to block out my attempt at singing along.

Favorite Quote?

“It doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like, so long as someone loves you” either that or “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard” Winnie the Pooh/A. A. Milne

Favorite actor?

Orlando Bloom

Do you have any fears? What they are?

Being left or forgotten. I have a genuine fear of people leaving me, which kinda makes making friends hard. But hey-ho, no point in not being honest!

What’s the last thing that made you cry?

Listening to Supermarket Flowers by Ed Sheeran on my drive to work.

Meaning behind your Blog Name?

Ktkinnes or Katiekinnes is my family nickname, so it just sort of came from there I guess!

Last time you said you loved someone?

Does it count if I told the cat I love her?

Last book you read?

A Gift From Woolworths, which I reviewed here.

The book you’re currently reading?

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Re-reading it before I move on to my next review!

Last show you watched?

The Crown

Last place you were?

My granny’s house.

Last sport you played?

Hahahahahaha you think I play sport? I think the last sport I played was probably Ultimate Frisbee when I went for the trial session during freshers week back in 2014.

Who’s the last person you talked to?

If we aren’t counting the cat, then my parents.

Last song you sang?

O Holy Night – practicing for choir.

Favorite chat up line?

Haha you think I have a chat up line?

Do you have a crush?

Celebrity crushes? Sure. Current actual people? Well… that would be telling!

The relationship between you and the person you last texted?

I really don’t text people… think it would have been my Dad….

Favorite food?

Chilli Chicken Penne Pasta from The Ramore or Neptune and Prawn up in Portrush.

Place you want to visit?

I want to travel everywhere, but with Glasgow in a few weeks, and Dundee next month, I do really want to go to Sacramento to visit a friend who lives there.

What’s the last time you kissed someone?

Over a year ago… maybe two? Last time I got drunk on a night out at uni probably!

Last time you were insulted?

yesterday. It was one of those “I’m gonna choose to ignore the fact you said that” moments.

Favorite flavor of sweet?

Anything citrus!

What instruments do you play??

Does singing count? I can play piano, and am struggling to teach myself guitar.

Favorite piece of jewelry?

Long drop earrings!

Last time you hung out with anyone?

….. too long…

Who should answer these questions next? Tag them!

I’m going to tag over on Twitter, but anyone and everyone is welcome to take part!

Looking forward to speaking again soon xx

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