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Those last few Christmas presents still to get, but no idea what to buy? I think we all have these types of people! It becomes harder and harder to think as time comes flashing forward, and I’ve just been told I can’t give Rachel pjs as she’s already getting 4 pairs! But before I share my ideas with you for last minute presents, what’s today’s song?

I hope you’re all having a Wonderful Christmas Time!
So yes, onto the presents. Last minute things are awful because you don’t want them to look last minute but at the same time it’s so hard to come up with something original and brilliant when you’re aware you have less than a week to buy it!

  1. Cinema tickets. These can be really expensive depending on where you live, and sometimes it’s nice to know you can go to see a film of your choice for free!
  2. Photobook. Stuck for an idea that looks like you put in a lot of thought and effort? Head to Boots or Tesco and print some pictures from the recipient’s Facebook and stick them in a scrapbook! The brilliant part is, if you only do a few pages then it looks like you left it for them to continue for years to come!
  3. Flowers or a plant. Yeah okay this is a tiny bit of a cop out but at the same time who doesn’t like a little cactus?
  4. Recipe jars. These are fantastic! Basically measure out the dry ingredients for something (like cookies) and put it all in a little jar with the recipe on a label attached to the jar!
  5. Personalised decorations. These can be bought nearly anywhere with nearly any name on them! And if your recipient has a different name, there are lots of blank ones for you to write on yourself!

Hope these are helpful to someone!
Ktkinnes xx

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