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Things To Do on Christmas Eve

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It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally HERE! I genuinely seem to enjoy Christmas Eve more than Christmas Day as the years go on, and that’s mostly because of all the things we do as a family today. If you’re finding yourself at a bit of a loss, why not check out my suggestions below for things to do on Christmas Eve?

So the table is set, the house has been scrubbed top to bottom, all your presents are beautifully wrapped, labelled and ready to give out in the morning.  The kitchen has been thoroughly cleaned after all the preparations were done, and now you find yourselves sitting looking at each other with that “What next?” look.


We’ve always had the same routine on Christmas Eve when we’re at home – spend the morning cleaning and cooking, last minute wrapping, before spending the afternoon and evening at the rugby club, home for dinner and a film, and then the midnight church service.  It’s going to be a little different for us this year with Granny over in Scotland (we don’t really need to drive to Belfast so we might skip the rugby club) so instead we set about thinking what we could do instead – that’s what gave me the inspiration for this post!


Things To Do

Last minute things to do can sometimes be great, others not so much.  Check out your local theatres – there might still be tickets left to the pantomime or some other festive show. At this stage in the game, you mightn’t all be able to sit together, but it might be worth a try if there are only 2 of you!


Another fun thing to do is find out what’s happening in your local town or city centre. A lot of the Christmas markets close up before today, but you could find there are carol singers in the town square, or something similar, that can help build that Christmas spirit.


If you’re a family at a loose end this afternoon, why not pull out the board games and card games?  For lots of us, it’s the actual act of spending time together at Christmas that makes it so special, so why not take the time to go back in time and play some games together?


Following from that – get the old Wii out or PlayStation or whatever console it is you have! Play some multiplayer games, or create a championship – Winner takes all their favourite chocolates from the tin as a prize!


Not in the mood for games, or too tired? Close the curtains, light the fire, get some festive snacks out and have a movie marathon afternoon! You could all pick your favourite films and watch them back to back!


One of my favourite Christmas presents as a child was my karaoke machine, but if you don’t have one, why not put on Christmas songs on YouTube and make sure they have the lyrics on screen?  Belt out your favourite festive songs and have a karaoke afternoon in!


Or if you’re after a chance to get out of the house, why not head to the local park or somewhere nearby for a walk in the crisp winter air?  It’s a chance you mightn’t get over the next couple of days, so a bit of fresh air to put a spring in your step.


Even better than the park, why not walk around your neighbourhood? You can take in the sight of everyone’s decorations, and have a competition to see who has the most lights or the most festive feeling decorations. Alternatively, if it’s too cold with you to go for a walk and do this, why not just jump in the car? What you could do is create a “Christmas Eve Bingo Card” for your decorations and see who can get a full house first?


The final suggestion I have for you all is head to the local pub.  Maybe make sure you have either a designated driver or a taxi sorted… drink driving isn’t advised, and you don’t want to end up stuck at the pub with no way to get home.


So there are a few ideas of things you can do this afternoon or today.  What have you got planned for the rest of the day?

 Things To Do on Christmas Eve Life With Ktkinnes

Whatever it is you have planned, I hope you have a wonderful day and get to spend it with people you care about wherever you are.

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