The Wrong Path

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Recently I’ve found myself doubting everything I say and do. In fact, I even reached the stage of asking is university really for me?  Am I on the right path?

I rarely have the motivation to do even half of what I’m meant to be doing. If there’s anything else I could be doing, you can expect to find it already done before I’ve even considered getting on with uni work. Like writing a blog post on procrastination instead of focusing on revising for the exam I have in 48.5hours!

While I love the independence, and I know I wouldn’t be much different had I stayed at home, I often find myself thinking “Why am I even at university?” or “Why physics? I hate it and I hate studying it even more”. It’s hard to argue back when you know you’re thinking the truth.

However what has kept me going this far is the idea that at the end of this undergraduate degree, I can get a PGCE and become a teacher – the one thing I’ve always wanted to do. Well okay there were a few months when I convinced myself I was a good enough singer to go on the X Factor. Thankfully I realised before it was too late that everything sounds better when you’re wearing headphones. But in all honesty, can I really not want to continue my degree just because it’s tougher than I imagined? Surely the building makes up for that!

Quad in University of Glasgow with a path around the outside of it.

Today, one of my friends is graduating. She’s in Connecticut and has just woken up for the big day. I’ve included a picture of her graduation cap below. It’s scary to think that in a few years that’ll be me, hopefully. And when it is, I know I’ll be extremely proud of myself for getting to that stage. Of course that’ll only happen if I get up off this sofa and get some more work done!

The Wrong Path Life With Ktkinnes

Wish me luck! Only another 8 days until summer begins…

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  1. Johanna

    You can do it! I so can relate to this (endterms in 3 weeks, badom, badom badooom) but I find it inspiring that you keep seeing the bigger picture. Good luck with the last days!

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