The Ultimate Blogmas Guide [AD]

The Ultimate Blogmas Guide [AD] Life With Ktkinnes
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AD – Own Product | It’s approaching that time of year again… The time when all that’s on my mind is Blogmas! Whether you’re a complete novice with no clue what I’m even talking about, or a seasoned blogger. The Ultimate Guide for a Successful Blogmas is here to help!

In my September 2021 post, we talked about how my Blogmas planning has begun in earnest. And while many of you have been around for a while. some of you might not have a clue what I’m talking about. Have no fear, though, for I’m about to explain!

Front cover of my Blogmas guide reading The Ultimate Guide To A Successful Blogmas in red writing against a festive background.

This Blogmas Guide is no ordinary blogger’s ebook. It truly shines a light on how I have successfully completed 5 years of Blogmas. It’s also the only thing getting me through my plans to run Blogmas across 2 blogs simultaneously in 2021… Yup, you’re right, I think I have finally gone insane. But hear me out.

Blogmas, for me, is one of the biggest blogging events on my calendar. Forget Blogtober, move over recipe-a-day-May, and say hello to the most wonderful (and stressful) time of the year! Having been blogging for 7 years and 3 months now (wow that’s a scary thought), I have taken part in 5 years of Blogmas. And before you panic or try to correct me, the answer is NO. You do not have to blog every single day of December to count as partaking in Blogmas. This is one of the first things we cover in my Blogmas guide. Blogmas is one of the few things I know a lot about, so trust me on this.

The Ultimate Blogmas Guide [AD] Life With Ktkinnes

But What Is Blogmas?

My Ultimate Blogmas Guide came about after several people asked me “What is Blogmas?” or “Do you have to post daily?”. See above. However, most of these questions were followed by shock and horror that there are people who publish daily in December. These superheroes also manage to follow through on promoting each post fully. I started off trying to put it all in a blog post in order to answer some questions. But when it reached 4,000 words and I was still in the introduction stage, I realised this needed moved to something bigger. The benefit of having time off work during a pandemic last year saw me put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboards) to bring you my ultimate Blogmas guide.

The Ultimate Blogmas Guide [AD] Life With Ktkinnes

So, as I was saying, in its simplest form, Blogmas is a December blogging challenge. It is undertaken by bloggers all around the world to welcome in the festive season each year. There are three different styles of Blogmas, each discussed in my guide, and each of these can even be interpreted in different ways. These three styles are all covered and explained in my Blogmas guide, alongside advice and hints as to which might suit you better!

table covered with Christmas decorations, cups of tea, and someone working on a laptop while another device displays the Blogmas guide ebook front cover.

This December blogging challenge usually takes over my thoughts from June or July every year. In fact, I think in 2020 I started looking at my Blogmas post ideas back in April! I began tweeting about my progress, and found myself being asked that annual question of What is Blogmas?” or Do you have to post daily?”. Being honest, Blogmas 2021 started appearing in my thoughts from May, however it was only in August that I sat down to start planning what I was going to share. However, as we discuss in my ultimate Blogmas guide, it’s never too late to get started!

My Ultimate Blogmas Guide

My guide covers a lot. And I’m not just saying that. From “What is Blogmas” to the different styles and means of going about this blogging challenge. I cover content ideas and title suggestions – there are over 120 ideas inside the cover of my Blogmas guide! As well as talking you through the planning and scheduling stages, I have included tips on increasing the SEO of each post, and how and where to promote after clicking publish.

E-reader displaying the front cover of my Blogmas guide - The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Blogmas

Finally, my pride and joy, is the planner! The planner included in my Ultimate Guide to a Successful Blogmas is the planner I use every month for planning my posts! Even better, I created my Blogmas guide with the intention that the reader can print off the planners, the checklists, the tracking pages, and keep them close at hand throughout them planning their own successful Blogmas.

But What Do You Write About?

The content varies from one person to the next, as it does with any blog post, and no two people go about Blogmas the exact same way. Some people stick to purely winter/Christmas themed posts; which I do for the most part. In fact, you can check out all my previous years’ posts by clicking that Blogmas tab in the categories secion of my menu if you’re stuck for ideas! Other bloggers may just use their normal content daily, whether that be parenting, lifestyle, books or whatever.

the ultimate guide to a successful blogmas guide sitting beside come Christmas presents, decorations and mulled wine.

I personally like to mix and match where possible, but then that’s a benefit of having a lifestyle blog that generally covers anything and everything. If you’re at a loss as to what to write about, there are over 120 blogmas post ideas within my Blogmas guide! On the other hand, if you still need some more help, check out some Blogmas post ideas online. I will be sharing a post filled to the brim of Blogmas post ideas in the next lot of weeks over on Christmas With Katie, so remember to keep your eyes peeled on social media, or click that follow button over on the right hand side!

Purchase your copy of my Blogmas guide here!

Regardless of whether you’re a Blogmas Novice or you’re an old hat at it by now, The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Blogmas takes you through the process of preparing for your perfect Blogmas season on your blog. Get your hands on a copy today by clicking on this link, and I look forward to sharing your Blogmas journey with you!

blogmas guide ebook open on an iphone beside an open blank notebook and pen.

PS – If you want to see me lose my sanity, click the follow button here and on Christmas With Katie. My aim is to post every day in December, on each blog. So from 1st December until 1st or 2nd January… We’re talking about 64 posts! And I haven’t scheduled a single one yet… Wish me luck! Good thing I have my Blogmas guide to get me through it haha!

Will you be taking part in the most wonderful time of the year on blogs? Let us know in the comments below!

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