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Can anyone else quite believe we have yet another full week of January left? I can’t – I keep thinking it’s the end of the month. But here we are, another Wednesday morning, a new post day, and today I’m taking part in the Real Neat Blogger Tag!

As I was saying, this month really has seemed to drag. I can’t wait for February – a nice short month! Maybe my bank account will begin to look healthier by then… Anyway, shall we get on with the tag?

Thank you so much to Jordanne from The Life of a Glasgow Girl for the tag! You can check out her post here.  Jordanne knows how much I love a tag post, so I’m delighted to share this with you all today.

Rules of the award:

– Display the award logo
– Thank the blogger that nominated you and link to their blog
– Answer the questions from the blogger who nominated you
– Nominate up to ten bloggers, asking them seven questions


Jordanne’s Questions to me:

  1. Why did you start blogging? 
    So I actually covered this in last week’s post which you can read by clicking here, but the short story is I liked the idea of a corner of the internet I could ramble on!
  2. What’s your favourite social media platform?
    Twitter! Definitely Twitter – through it I have made so many friends, and I love how easy it is to get lost in it for ages. On that note, if you fancy following me and chatting, you can find me here!
  3. If you could go anywhere in the world RIGHT NOW, where would you go and why? 
    At the time of writing this? That’s a tough one! I have 3 that I would have to choose between…
    1- California to visit my friend Nikki and her husband (mainly to see them, but also because it’s California).
    2- Glasgow to see Jordanne and all my other friends living there because I miss them all.
    3- Ibiza. It’s warm and sunny there, unlike here.
  4. What’s your favourite memory from school?
    The day we finished classes before our GCSEs.  The 5 teachers we had that day all brought in snacks and drinks to the point I think I was on a sugar high from 9:30am and it lasted all day! Then when we went to Maths class, the teacher went to get cake from her car and we all hid in the store room. It sounds really stupid, but 31 of us crammed into that little store just to try and play a trick on her.  She’d been teaching me Maths for 5 years at that point, and I was lucky enough to have her right the way through until I left after A levels!
  5. Which of your blog posts to date is your favourite? 
    Aw Jordanne, that’s a hard one! I really want to say last week’s post because it was the first time I felt my blogging mojo come back in quite a while, but I think if I’m being 100% honest then I’d have to say my post Even Stars (which you can read by clicking here). It’s not the most chirpiest of posts, but it reflects a time of my life that while I wasn’t in a good place, I had friends (*have, I’ve still got friends) who made the whole thing easier. It kind of ties in with last week’s post in that sense. I don’t know, it’s just the first post that came into my head when I thought about the question.  Read it for yourselves and you can let me know what you think.
  6. If you could be any animal, what would you be and why? 
    I’m going cat. They get to sleep nearly all day, someone brings them their food daily, and they just seem to have their life together!
  7. What is a random fact about yourself? 
    Oh now I thought about this one earlier actually and now it’s gone! So instead we’ll opt for the random fact that I once auditioned for and attended a stage school for a year, organised and run by Samantha Mumba, who’s wiki page I have linked to for those of you too young or cool to know who she was. Back then I had dreams of being a professional singer – now I run a mile if someone asks me to sing, unless there’s alcohol involved!

I Tag…

I would like to tag the following:

Kat from
Iga from
Becki from
Jade from
@passionandpec1 from
Becca from
Lara from
Bakes from
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Cassie from

My Questions to You:

  1. If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
  2. What’s your current Netflix (or alternative streaming site) addiction?
  3. When did you first realise Santa or the Tooth Fairy weren’t real?
  4. Who was your favourite teacher at school and why?
  5. Which car would you love to own?
  6. You’re only allowed 3 adjectives to describe yourself – what are they?
  7. What three things are you most grateful for today (when writing this post!)

And there you have it! I love blogging tag posts almost as much as I love writing the rambling posts. If you haven’t been tagged, why not still have a go? Either answer the questions on your own blog, or in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “The Real Neat Blogger Tag

  1. Bumble

    That’s a great idea I almost started doing the challenge myself but then I realised you have to be nominated or nominate other bloggers and I don’t think I can think of that many bloggers to connect with yet. A thing to do in the future I guess (p.s. if anyone wants to do it and nominate me then I’m up for it).

  2. The Procrastinating Mum

    Such a great idea! I love getting to know people a bit better and these questions cover things that you might not normally talk about in your blog posts. Love it 🙂

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