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The Nativity: What The Donkey Saw

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Good morning one and all! How are you all today? I actually can’t believe it’s Friday 23rd December! Little did I think when I started planning my Blogmas posts that I would actually manage to get this far! Now I will be honest and say that this post was written last night after several glasses of wine so please be kind to me. My head won’t be kind!

Again, another very traditional song in our house. Although a couple of days ago Rachel thought that Merry Christmas (War Is Over) was Bandaid and so we spent a good few minutes correcting her. And yet she says I’m the thick one??
But anyway. Last night, Mum and Dad took the four of us to the theatre to see a comical take on the nativity story. Set in Belfast (of course) the cast was made up of 6 people and then a seventh on the keyboard in the corner. All I can say is – it was hilarious! 
They changed the words to some well known Christmas songs, and all of them were pretty good singers! They also managed to throw in a few topical references (Honey G was even referred to) and the audience were in stitches. In one particular scene, two actors were putting on American accents of some kind and one of them randomly returned to his Belfast accent which caused the other actors on stage to corpse (come out of character and laugh, thereby killing the atmosphere they had created – GCSE drama for ya!) and ask what accent he would like. They composed themselves and tried to continue the scene, until the same guy suddenly went to an Australian accent, so of course we were in stitches at it all!
The interval came and when we got to our pre-ordered drinks, there was almost triple what we had ordered! And so Mum and I ended up drinking a lovely total of 750ml of red wine each… no wonder my head felt funny getting into bed last night!
Act 2 started up with the great music again, and the three wise men appeared on stage. Just as Balthazar was about to share his divine knowledge with his brethren and the audience, the actor looked straight into the face of a woman in the audience and called her out for being on her mobile by simply saying “Words of wisdom! Turn that phone off, madam!” 
The rest of us in the audience laughed and cheered, but it got me thinking. Why is it considered difficult for us as a society to function without the mini computer in our pockets for the duration of a 2 hour play? 
Ktkinnes xx

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