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The Morning Struggles

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Goooood morning everyone! How’re you doing today?
Mornings are my favourite, but they’re also my least favourite. My mum would tell me that’s a very Irish phrase – one that says something and then contradicts it in the same sentence. Not entirely sure what makes it Irish but there you go. Useless fact of the day for you!


I love mornings because I love the feeling of waking up and having those two minutes of your day where anything seems possible. You wake up with the positivity, and the feeling that everything will go your way. The sun is up (even if you can’t see it) and with it we’re expected to be awake and get everything done. It’s a fresh day, there’s so much to do. You don’t know what’s coming up, because even if you have plans, anything can happen. Yes, it can turn into a bad day, but the beauty of it all is that you can go to bed that night knowing that the next day won’t be as bad. Another small happy thing for me is choosing my shampoo, conditioner and shower gel for that day. It sounds stupid, but I always have a nice little selection and it means I can choose according to how I’m feeling. The best? Tea Tree. The fresh smell just adds to the freshness of a new day, and I love leaving the bathroom smelling of it. Opening the curtains and looking out at the buildings being lit up by the light of the sun’s rays reminds me that we can find beauty in even the weirdest of places – yes the building may be the coldest, least comfortable one for lectures, but looking at the stones of the building glistening can really set me up for the day.
I always start my mornings by clearing all my notifications from the night before, almost like I’m saying goodbye to yesterday’s news and getting ready for the new day. During this time, I end up listening to my morning playlist to try and motivate me to get up and get started on the day ahead – not an easy task! Then it’s a quick dash to the bathroom and time to get dressed, before breakfast at the kitchen table while watching an episode of whatever it is I’m watching at that stage.


What I can’t stand about mornings is the struggle of getting out of bed. Bed is warm, flat is not. You’ve then to decide on and make a breakfast. Never mind showering and washing hair, drying hair, picking actual clothes because you can’t live all day in pyjamas – although if you could then that would be amazing. Waking up in a cold flat is not enjoyable. It adds to the struggles of the morning. Then you’ve to persuade yourself to get off your social media platforms and make that run to the bathroom. Yes, okay, you warm up in the shower, but the minute it’s over you’re very aware of just how cold the day is. Dashing back to your room to hide under the covers until the last possible minute of getting up. Eventually, time is up and you have to get up. Drying your hair feels like such an effort, you’ve to find something to wear that isn’t just a hoodie and jeans because you actually need to look somewhat respectable. I have 6 outfits I always fall back on, but need to diversify my wardrobe. There’s then the added fun that everything in the wardrobe stinks of damp, so your outfit needs to be relatively fresh – either that or something that isn’t going to be stained when you smother it with air freshener. Another thing that just ruins mornings for me is walking into the living room and kitchen and them being a mess. We have throws over our sofas because the ones in our flat aren’t exactly the prettiest, however they’re never fixed and straightened when people get up off the sofas and so that just adds to the bad mood in the morning. It reaches time to go to lectures and I would much rather be sitting here and talking to you all.
However, for every reason I can find to hate mornings, there are equally as many reasons to love them. Mornings are definitely hard, but I’m hoping to make them slightly better over the next few weeks.


What do you love/hate about mornings?



  • allylmare

    I actually like morning if I have things I need to do. For example go to work… If I’m not working, somehow I’m really not fond of it. Weird huh?

  • Evy

    I wish I had your positivity surrounding mornings! I’m the exact same when it comes to getting up – I’m snug as a bug and I can’t face ever getting out of bed, then when I make it to the shower, I just stand under it for ages in an attempt to heat up! Hopefully it’ll get easier as the “warmer” weather comes in 🙂

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