The Housewife Assassin’s Relationship Survival Guide

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Finished my seventh book of the summer!! Book 4 in The Housewife Assassin series was another light read and very easy to follow. Even if you hadn’t read the others, this story is easy to pick up as the basics are covered again at the beginning of each book. This post contains affiliate links.

This book in the Housewife Assassin [AFF] series starts off at the end of book 3 so it requires a brief catch up if you haven’t read it recently. Once again there was a similar theme throughout the book with a familiar basic set up. However this doesn’t detract from the fact that there will be twists and turns that surprise you!

In summary, read the series! £3.49 per book (at time of writing) on Amazon kindle! And Kindle can be downloaded free to any smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Dad and I are sitting waiting to board the boat back to Belfast after travelling now for 25 hours. We got the boat to Cairnryan yesterday at 11:30pm so left the house at 10 to get to the boat. Arriving in Cairnryan at 2am, we found the A77 closed due to roadworks so we’ll just say that at 5am we finally pulled up in Glasgow having not slept all night. Quick meal and trip to the toilets in McDonald’s then back to the car, we slept until 7 and then began to move me in! Was so much fun, here are some pictures of my room in the flat!

When we finished around 12:30 we went for lunch and then headed back to Cairnryan in the hope that we could get an earlier boat. Ha were we wrong about that! Minimum charge of £50 just to change Dad to the earlier boat but they were asking for an extra £100 for me because I was using the free student transport and by changing our tickets I was no longer getting that deal. So needless to say, Dad and I sat in the car from around 2pm until now. Still waiting to get on to the boat now!

The cafe in the ferry terminal has been closed from before 7 and we refuse to pay £2 for a bottle of water from the vending machines so are now thirsty and rather cranky. Wouldn’t you be?
Night guys, hope you’ve all had a good day!
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