The Housewife Assassin’s Relationship Survival Guide

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Finished my seventh book of the summer!! Book 4 in The Housewife Assassin series was another light read and very easy to follow. Even if you hadn’t read the others, this story is easy to pick up as the basics are covered again at the beginning of each book. Keep reading to hear my thoughts.

This book in the Housewife Assassin series starts off at the end of book 3 so it requires a brief catch up if you haven’t read it recently. Once again there was a similar theme throughout the book with a familiar basic set up. However this doesn’t detract from the fact that there will be twists and turns that surprise you!

The Housewife Assassin's Relationship Survival Guide Book Cover
The Housewife Assassin’s Relationship Survival Guide Book Cover

The Housewife Assassin’s Relationship Survival Guide Blurb

London. Paris. Guantánamo Bay. Donna Stone is looking for love — and terrorists — in all the wrong places. Donna Stone finds out that breaking up is hard to do. Then again, so is dating a terrorist, let alone eleven of them! Does this make Donna a serial dater, or a serial killer? Worse yet, an old flame gets in the way of Donna’s chance for true love. But Donna doesn’t cry. She gets even.

About The Author

Over two million copies of Josie Brown’s novels are in readers’ hands. She’s a traditionally published author with Simon & Schuster and HarperCollins, as well as an independently published author. She’s appeared at #1 on Amazon and iBooks on numerous occasions. Josie is the author of the Housewife Assassin’s Handbook series (Signal Press); the 8-novel Totlandia episodic series (Signal Press) ; the 3-novel Extracurricular episodic series (Signal Press); and the 2-novel True Hollywood Lies series (HarperCollins); as well as The Candidate and The Baby Planner (Simon & Schuster). Her novel, Secret Lives of Husbands and Wives (Simon & Schuster), was optioned by producer Jerry Bruckheimer for television.

Before becoming a full-time novelist, Josie also worked in advertising (JWT, DDB/Needham, BBM&B) and radio (WPLO-AM, Atlanta; WZGC-FM, Atlanta). As a journalist, Josie has interviewed Maya Angelou, Brenda Blethyn, Julian Bond, Kenneth Branagh, Jackie Collins, Costa-Gavras, Craig Ferguson, John Gray, Derek Jacobi, Debbie Reynolds, and John Woo. Her celebrity interviews and relationships trends articles have been featured in Los Angeles Times Syndicate International, Redbook, and Complete Woman, as well as AOL, Yahoo,,, and, where she serves as the Relationships Channel editor.

Josie’s interviews for her podcast, Author Provocateur, and for the International Thriller Writers magazine THE BIG THRILL include such notable authors as Samatha M. Bailey, David Baldacci, C.J. Box, Allison Brennan, Lee Child, Deborah Coonts, Robert Dugoni, Barry Eisler, JT Ellison, Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke, Tess Gerritsen, Lee Goldberg, Andrew Gross, Kristan Higgins, Jon Land, John Lescroart, John Lutz, Jason Pinter, James Rollins, Hank Phillippi Ryan, Brad Thor, Julie Valerie, and Debra Webb.

Although born and raised (a Southern expression) in and around Atlanta, Georgia, Josie is proudly one-hundred percent Puerto Rican: her father was born in Ponce and her mother was from Humacao. Does that make Josie a Georgiarican? She thinks so, and happily claims that title. She now lives in San Francisco with her husband and two children.

My Thoughts on The Housewife Assassin’s Relationship Survival Guide

I really enjoyed this book because the characters and situations they find themselves in so much fun and so unpredictable. This time Donna and the Acme team are on the hunt to take down the remaining members of the quorum. Only to find Carl (Donna ‘s soon to be ex husband) playing havoc with their plans.

I don’t think Donna’s home life played as big a part in this book as in the previous books and that is what I like about the housewife assassin books , the way she has to fit in a hit between football practice and grocery shopping. Having said that I still really enjoyed it and would get it as an audio book if Josie was to record the series for Audible!

In summary, read the series! £3.49 per book (at time of writing) on Amazon kindle! And Kindle can be downloaded free to any smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Dad and I are sitting waiting to board the boat back to Belfast after travelling now for 25 hours. We got the boat to Cairnryan yesterday at 11:30pm so left the house at 10 to get to the boat. Arriving in Cairnryan at 2am, we found the A77 closed due to roadworks so we’ll just say that at 5am we finally pulled up in Glasgow having not slept all night. Quick meal and trip to the toilets in McDonald’s then back to the car, we slept until 7 and then began to move me in! Was so much fun, here are some pictures of my room in the flat!

The Housewife Assassin's Relationship Survival Guide Life With Ktkinnes
The Housewife Assassin's Relationship Survival Guide Life With Ktkinnes  The Housewife Assassin's Relationship Survival Guide Life With Ktkinnes
When we finished around 12:30 we went for lunch and then headed back to Cairnryan in the hope that we could get an earlier boat. Ha were we wrong about that! Minimum charge of £50 just to change Dad to the earlier boat but they were asking for an extra £100 for me because I was using the free student transport and by changing our tickets I was no longer getting that deal. So needless to say, Dad and I sat in the car from around 2pm until now. Still waiting to get on to the boat now!

The cafe in the ferry terminal has been closed from before 7 and we refuse to pay £2 for a bottle of water from the vending machines so are now thirsty and rather cranky. Wouldn’t you be?
Night guys, hope you’ve all had a good day!
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