The House at Christmas

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How on earth is it Sunday again already? But happy Sunday everyone! Now that the decorations have been in place for a week, it’s about time I took you on a tour of the new house at Christmas!

As we enter day 9, yes nine, of blogmas, I sort of can’t believe that we’re almost a third of the way through this Christmas challenge.  But with day 9 comes song 9! Appropriate today as I take you round the Christmas tree and the rest of our decorations.

Does this song not just fill you with excitement for the festive season? Well I’ll be honest and say that decorating can often lead to shorter fuses… like when you suggest arranging the room one way, they try literally every other option before yours, and then try and claim they came up with that as the original suggestion… anyway.

The decorations are up, the house is looking super festive, and I’m actually kind of sad already that the season will end soon. I don’t want the decorations to come down!

As always, I’ve put in as many photos as I possibly can.

Now that you’ve had a good nosey, I’m going to love you and leave you. But remember to call around again tomorrow for the next post in my Blogmas 2018 series!

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